6 hp Hercules Engine

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I’m new to the hobby as of last fall at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, where I subscribed to Gas Engine Magazine and Farm Collector. Although I’ve admired them for years, I finally found some engines that I bought as a group. That group includes a Monitor, a Little Jumbo, a Fairbanks-Morse and this big 6 hp unit, which I would love to have identified if possible. Any help is appreciated.

DJ Stamp, Austin, Texas; email: designstamp@sbcglobal.net

Welcome to the asylum, DJ! Looks like the old iron illness has taken root! You’ve found some nice engines already. Your “mystery” engine is a 6 hp Hercules XK kerosene model. According to records kept by Hercules historian Glenn Karch, they were built from 1928 to 1930 in 1-3/4 hp to 8 hp sizes, with total production of 17,500 engines across all sizes. Your engine, serial number 1219, dates from 1928. – GEM

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