A Briggs To Brag About

By Staff
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6 Williamson Lane, Chester, New Jersey 07930-2311

You readers and collectors wanting to see small engines and
their uses will admire this F H Briggs and its pump partner.

I believe The Union Ironworks Co. designed their pump and
portable base unit around the shaft center line and width of the F
H Briggs, then painted the complete unit a silver gray color. This
was an easy redo because there was not a speck of rust on it. I
don’t know what year it is but the F H Briggs number is

I returned the engine to black. To see the base in the steel is
neat. The blacksmith marks for the bends are visible with hammer
dent marks.

I don’t believe the unit ever saw service. It was
like new when I purchased it at the Marymac Farm Sale in Randolph,
New Jersey, some years ago. Mr. MacDonald raised turkeys.

I displayed at Jacktown, Pennsylvania (the Blue Mountain Club)
only one time and it was really admired.

It’s a unit that just sits there, proud. It’s
self-explanatory, except to the question, ‘How did you get

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