A Bit Unusual

By Staff
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9111 Louis Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.

The basic Economy pictured is a very common engine; the type is
seen at many shows. This is a 1? HP F Model, Serial No. 260232 and
was made about 1921. However, this is a log-saw engine which is
seldom seen here in the East. It has the extended crankshaft with
the hand-operated clutch built into the flywheel. It also has a
rather unusual fuel mixer supplied with some of the drag-saw

The other engine is a Jacobson ‘Sturdy Jack’ made by the
Jacobson Machine Mfg. Co., Warren, Pennsylvania, probably about
1914 or 1915. It is 1? HP, Serial No. 11654. The connecting rod is
only eight inches long and this sets the cylinder and water hopper
closer to the crankshaft than is usual in engines of this size. I
have seen only one other and have heard of three or four more.

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