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David Lewis
This IHC engine has called New York, Alabama, Arizona and Texas home.

As far as I know, this 8 HP International Famous was in New York, possibly in a farm museum for some time, until around 1970. I do not know who owned it in New York, but through the Internet I met a man who had seen it there. It was then taken to Alabama by Nick Hauser of Livingston, and later to Arizona in the early 2000s by Joe Hardin of Holbrook. To my knowledge, the engine was not used much, but taken to shows. It was in Arizona until last year when I bought it and brought it to Texas.

In International Harvester Company of America, this engine is shown running at 310 RPM with a shipping weight (with the cart) of 3,492 pounds. The serial no. is B997 and the tank has no. 107, so from these numbers I know it was built in 1907. It is hit-and-miss with low-tension coil ignition. The engine was made to include the hot tube ignition as well as battery and a Motsinger generator. The batteries were used to get it started as you could not get enough RPMs by hand to start the engine with the generator. It was then switched to the generator to conserve the batteries.

Gene Fisher is located in Pilot Point, Texas. Contact him at: rcgrandad38@cebridge.net
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