618 Little Maytags all in a Row!

By Staff
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9565 Highway 63, Emmett, Kansas 66422

I have been a collector of Maytag gas engines for the past ten
years. I now have 618 Maytag engines, and am running out of display
space. Recently we moved all of the engines outside to take a
picture, then moved them into another building so they would all be
together. Enclosed is a picture of the 618 Maytags sitting in front
of our building. We thought you might enjoy seeing this in Gas
Engine Magazine.

We also collected 160 other flywheel engines and license plates.
We collect mostly Kansas plates, but have some from all the states
and many foreign countries.

As we are running out of space to display engines, etc., we are
going to have an auction March 30, 1996, and sell off some of the
engines, tractors, cars and some license plates that we have.

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