A 1934 John Deere Named Old Stumpy

By Staff
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The block of wood fused into this 1934 John Deere is a 15-year-old mulberry tree.
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Old Stumpy was found behind a crib in New Castle, Pa.

Old Stumpy is a 1934 1-1/2 HP John Deere found behind a crib in New Castle, Pa., and sold to a collector in northwest Ohio. In turn, the collector knew I was “in love” with the engine because of its uniqueness, so it now has a home on my engine trailer.

To my surprise, the engine was not stuck, so to prevent problems, I removed the camshaft because at shows people want to check it out.

The engine was certainly “used up,” as can be determined by the wire holding the crank handle and one missing flywheel spoke.

Oh, by the way, the block of wood is a 15-year-old mulberry tree.

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