1895 Duryea REPLICA

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Judy Basnett of 5770 Vista Trail, Southside, Alabama 35907, sent this picture of an 1895 Duryea automobile replica built by her brother Sam Silket, on exhibit at Tannyhill State Park in Birmingham, Alabama. Sam had brought the car to Gadsden, Alabama, whe

This replica is built of similar materials as the original. The
same technology, machine and fabrication methods of the late 1800s
were used, resulting in a vehicle that runs, looks, and sounds like
the real antique it represents. The single cylinder engine consists
of two gray iron castings, one for the cylinder and the other for
the main bearing support. The cylinder bore is 4′ and the
stroke is 7′, resulting in a total of 106 cubic inches of
cylinder displacement. The carburetor is a modified brass valve
with a venturi, main jet, needle valve and choke plate. The
ignition is generated from a battery and buzz coil under the seat.
The engine rpm is controlled by advancing or retarding the spark at
the timer, which is actuated by the exhaust valve cam, 30 degree
retard to 40 degree advance results in 300 to 1100 rpm range
respectively. The intake valve is of the atmospheric or
‘automatic’ type. The gas tank holds two gallons and the
water tank holds three gallons. Both are made of copper, riveted
and soldered. The frame is made of 1 x angle iron and all joints
are cold riveted. The power transmission is via flat belt primary,
also serving as the clutch, then to the three-speed transmission
also having reverse, then finally to the drive axle by #50 chain.
The wheels are of artillery type and made in the Amish wheel
factory at Holmesville, Ohio. Steering is by a tiller with king
pins and tie rods at the spindles. The brakes are internal
expanding mechanical working on the counter shaft. Specifications:
Bore: 4.25′, Stroke: 7.50′, Cubic Inches: 106, Compression
Ratio: 3:1; Horsepower: 5 @ 750 rpm; Weight: 1100 lbs.; Top Speed:
16 mph; Wheel Dia. Front: 34′ rear 46′; Wheel Base: 64′
Trac 54′; Length 105′; mpg: 15-16. Built by Sam Silket, 68
Etling Avenue, Barberton, Ohio 44203. Phone 330-753-0685.

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