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167 Riverview Road, Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865

This 1915 1 HP I.H.C. Mogul is the result of a 6-month project.
The engine was purchased from Lee Pedersen of Lynbrook, New York at
the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Association’s 1984 fall
show in Bangor, Pennsylvania. The engine was in very bad condition,
although the magneto was hot and the piston was free. The bottom of
the water hopper was broken out, along with a broken base mount and
cracked fly-wheel hub. The main bearings and rod bearing were
unusable and a worn out ignitor added to the troubles.

After sandblasting and repairing the broken castings, the
crankshaft was turned and polished with new bronze bearings made to
match, and connecting rod received new babbit liners. The valves
were not the greatest so I replaced them also. The ignitor was sent
to Starbolt for a complete reconstruction. The piston rings and
fuel needle valves, magneto name strap all came from Starbolt.
After rebuilding the fuel pump and leak testing the original fuel
tank the engine was painted.

I made. a few adjustments on the timing and a little gasoline
and the engine was running! The trucks are I.H.C. and skids are
made from oak.

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