WANTED: London & Vicinity

By Staff

HC 71, Box 525 Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

My wife and I were planning a trip to Germany in the fall of
1991, to visit our daughter and family. I figured since we had to
go near England, it would be nice to stop off and see some old
engines. (You know how that is!)

I placed an ad in GEM, saying: ‘Wanted: London &
Vicinity old engine fanatic to host American couple in September or

By May I was corresponding with a couple outside of London who
were willing to put us up for a couple of weeks. After several
months, and many letters back and forth, plus a couple of phone
calls, our plans were made.

He said to look for a man in a green hat when we got through
customs. He was there with his wife, as planned, wearing a John
Deere cap. (I should have known!)

For two weeks, they took us all over, visiting places and events
that the tourists would never have seen. They lived on a family
farm in a home built in 1624 (Yes, I said 16240 and the engines he
had! Of course, practically all of them I’ve never heard of
before. He had a Field Marshall tractor which started with a 12
gauge blank shotgun shell I fell in love with this one.

My wife and I will never forget Jim and his wife, Tess. They
not. only opened their home but their hearts to us. We both think
that this was the best trip we’ve ever had. (Lucky we
weren’t killed I kidded Jim, he was driving on the wrong side
of the road.)

Let’s see now, my new ad will say: ‘Old Engine Fanatic
in Australia, Sweden’. What did you say, Honey?
‘Egypt’? I don’t think they have any old engine nuts

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