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Forest Grove Trailer Park Ontario, N. Y. 14519

Once again vacation time has rolled around. We live on a very busy state highway and the tempo of traffic has increased very much. Now, every few minutes, we see cars with boats or campers go by on their way to the lakes or camping grounds. There are many kinds of vacations; but I think that people usually like to do the opposite of that which they do every day.

Paul and I usually do the same thing year after year and never seem to tire of it. We were brought up in the hill country of Southern New York and miss them very much in this flat lake country. Our favorite place is in Potter County in Northwestern Pennsylvania. We go to the same motel year alter year. It isn’t fancy; just a cabin near a creek in a beautiful valley.

One of the ways we spend the time is to go for rides in the surrounding countryside. We can ride for miles in the woods up hill and down. All of a sudden we come to a cleared place along the road. We stop and gaze out over miles of ridge after ridge of wooded mountains. We go on a short distance, when suddenly a half grown black bear plunges across the road and jumps up the bank. We stop as quickly as possible, and there he is looking down at us. Then he slowly shuffles off into the woods. This has happened only once to us, but we are always on the look out for more. They are quite often seen in this country and we would love to see one with a cub or two.

Further on down the road, we come to cleared land where there are several farms. One of these farmers is well known for his feeding of the deer. Every day at dusk, he puts out corn and other feed, and the deer come by dozens. Some of them are real tame and will eat out of his hand. I understand that he has trouble at hunting season with hunters who take advantage of his generosity and try to harm the half tame deer. As we go on down the road, we come to one of the many State Parks which are scattered throughout the country. We drive in and eat the lunch which we have brought with us. There is a large swimming hole made in the fast running mountain creek. Lifeguards are on duty. Many campers are scattered about among the trees. We stay and watch the swimmers for awhile and then are on our way again. This time we come upon an old corn field and slow down looking- yes, there they are- a flock of wild turkey feeding on the corn. They see us and then they are gone. And so it goes, mile after mile, in this beautiful scenic country. One never knows what will be seen when you round the next bend or go up the next hill. We both agree That this is truly ‘God’s Country’.

At our house, we have been doing the usual things in preparation for our Annual Reunion of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association. As Paul just said a few minutes ago. ‘it is hard work, but worth every minute of it.’ We hope to attend several shows and to meet many wonderful people.

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