The Gentleman’s Toy

By Staff

N8193 Cry C Casco, Wisconsin 54205

At the Western Micshigan Old Engine Club Show
Something happened that made my heart glow.

I witnessed one man’s devotion
Seem to reverse time’s endless motion.

Through the actions of an elderly gent.,
I realized how much our hobby meant.

His feet must have hurt.
Only slippers between him and the dirt.

The weather cold and wet.
He couldn’t get the ignition set.

On his beautiful antique fire truck.
Old engine show luck?

Jumping from the seat with a bound;
Running as he hit the ground.

Throw open the hood;
As the bystandeers stood.

What caused the backfiring
Of the machine they were admiring?

He had already taken the hint
And was experimenting with the adjustment.

He’d fly back to the wheel
And repeat the whole ordeal.

About the fifth try;
A youthful glimmer in his eye.

Told me before he drove away
That his toy was OK.

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