By Staff

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A fellow stopped by my house the other day,
And said, ‘Is it true, what the neighbors all say?’

That your garage is all filled, from the back to the door
And you’ve got so much junk that you can’t see the

And the shed out in back, has a similar fate,
And your yard’s full of cast iron, clear up to the gate.

And you’ve got engines and tractors, that really are
And some of them run, but others are busted.

Well, I invited him in, so he could look around,
but when he saw it, he just stood there and frowned.

‘Cause he didn’t understand this disease that we’ve
That we can’t leave them out there, to ruin and rot.

We’ve got to pick up all the old iron we see,
And some that we find, we take home with glee!

We clean it and paint it, and get it to run,
And all of the time, we think it’s such fun.

But sometimes we acquire much more than our needs,
And it lands in the back yard, out there in the weeds.

So if you’ve got more than you’ll ever restore,
Get rid of it soon, before the neighbors get sore.

Your HEIRS will just sell it, they couldn’t care less,
About all your treasures, they think it’s a mess.

They’ll settle the estate, that you carefully built,
And get rid of it all, with no trace of guilt!’

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