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627 6th Avenue, San Bruno, California 94066

These are some photos of a few of my projects. The Economy hit
and miss hooked up to the oil field pump was assembled from a kit I
got from Joe Tochtrop in San Francisco, who has advertised in this

I have two Economies and an Atkinson cycle model, also. The Oil
Field pump I found at a flea market for $4-00, complete with gears
and screws. All that was missing were the drawings which I
purchased from Cole’s. The pump kit is made by Stuart in
England. I think it looks better with feathers, looks naked
without! Chuckle! Chuckle!

The blue model was made from drawings I got from John Palmer in
Sunnyvale, California. There are no castings. I built it from raw
stock, including flywheels, gears and oilier. The muffler I made
from an old cow bell I found at the flea market. The engine has
approximately HP and 12 inch wheels.

The red grinder I also found at the flea market. It was like
new, but the hand crank was broken. I made the pulley, found a belt
to fit, and I use it to grind corn to mix with bird seed. It’s
for the birds you say? Hah! Okay!

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