Premium Cuts

By Staff
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'Speed Through the Ages' #220/250: Modern Reaper-Binder.
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Harvesting in Australia.
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'Sowing Peas,' #49 in a series of 50 gardening hints cards.
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Sowing seeds by tractor, Canada.
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'Speed Through the Ages' #204/250: Motor Lawn-Mower.
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Making an irrigation canal in New South Wales, Australia.
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The 'Celerity' mower, yours for collecting 395 coupons.
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A 'combine' at work, Canada.

Here’s a sampling of ‘cigarette cards,’ enclosed as
premiums in packaged cigarettes, most likely from the 1930s, which
feature agricultural themes. Each card has a full paragraph of
description on its reverse, and most were part of a series, which
encouraged consumers to keep buying more cigarettes until
they’d collected all the cards in a particular series or

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