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Here’s what we have at present for paint colors. We have no
way of ascertaining the accuracy of these recommendations, but we
believe them to be comparable colors to the original finishes. In a
few cases, more than one color shade is given, and this might very
possibly reflect the differences that occurred during actual
production years. Neither GEM nor the Reflector assumes any
liability regarding this presentation-it is made solely for the
information of our readers. How you use it is entirely up to your

John Deere Green

Coast to Coast 555-2221 -2744-02 Rustoleum H-3 (matches 594
green) Pittsburgh 9-15, also PPG PT-60

John Deere Yellow

Derusto D-6 PomPom Yellow Rustoleum H-10 (Matches National
Canary Yellow).

Ideal engines

NAPA Martin Senour 817 (Mercury Outboard Green)


NAPA Martin Senour 7822


Rustoleum 1382 Forest Green Dupont 7666 Green Dupont 93-046
green w/red striping

Jaeger (mfg by Hercules)

DuPont Dulux 5183 DH Medium Blue Rustoleum National Blue

Massey Ferguson Red

Rustoleum H-19 (matches H-21 Ford Red)


Rustoleum H-11 Persian Orange DuPont 29047

Waukesha orange

Rustoleum H-6 Flambeau Red

Massey-Ferguson Yellow

Rustoleum #659, H-18

Caterpillar Yellow

Rustoleum H-4

New Idea Orange

#559 Rustoleum H-25

Euclid green

Rustoleum H-27

Oliver green

Rustoleum H-12

Ferguson gray

975 Rustoleum Navy Gray (Matches H-7)

Ford gray

Rustoleum H-20

Stover Red

DuPont Dulux 93-2564-H

Stover Dark Green

DuPont 2015 Green (Nearly Black. Used on some stationary models
about 1917 or 1918)

Stover Green (K, CT, etc. models)

2 parts Dulux 24166 Brewster green plus 1 part 93-005 Super
Black, plus 1 part 93-036 Brown.

Stover Diesel, MV, etc.

Dulux 93-57704 Gray

Twin City (early gray)

Ditzler Acrylic 31953

Rock Island F/A 18-35

Waukesha Gray, Dulux 6334 Massey-Harris Red Dulux D18H Tractor
body & sheet metal-gray Wheels &. Radiator-red Radiator
lettering-yellow or off-white

Avery tractor (early) (Not B. F. Avery)

Engine-Dulux green, 77161DH Frame, wheels, etc. Dulux red,

Rumely OilPull

Dupont Dulux 24166 Brewster Green except wheels are approx. IHC
red. (Several people note that this color is too light and should
be deeper than this.) also, Dulux 93-5378-H green


NAPA 99L3691

Associated engines

Dulux 93-2622-H red Dupont 93-2564-H

Waterloo Boy (early)

Dulux 93-2564-H red

Waterloo Boy (late)

Dulux 93-5316 green

New-Way engines

Cylinder aluminum. Shroud, flywheels etc., Dulux 93-30420-H.
Base 93-29609-H Olive Green.

Bulldog (Bates & Edmonds)

Dulux 93-143-H Maroon.

Rock Island engines

Dulux 93-24590 Brown


Dulux 93-81501 Dark Blue

Rawleigh engines

Dulux 93-036 brown

Sandwich engines

Dulux 93-5800 green

Fairbanks-Morse ‘Z’

Dulux 93-72001 green

Nelson Bros. Little Jumbo

Imron 2015 U green

Fuller & Johnson

New Idea green Dulux 93-1317


Dulux 93-5800 green

Galloway engines

Dulux 93-066-H red Centari 5027

R & V engines

Dulux 93-5316 green

Monitor (Baker Mfg.)

Dulux 93-538 gray

Gilson engine

Dulux 93-066 red


Aluminum cylinder. Old Style, Dulux 93-75874-H Green; New style,
93-660H Red

Novo engines

Dulux 93-77161 green

New Holland engines

Dulux 93-97813M Dark Red (Maroon)

Sattley engines

Dupont 7498 green Dupont 93-046 green

Worthington engine

Dupont 93-5378-H green

IHC gray

Dupont 98620 or 6923 gray

IHC green

Dupont 93-84155 Adirondack Green

IHC green (for Mogul)

Dulux 93-29609-H Olive Green

IHC green for ‘M’ eng.

Dupont 7498D green

IHC Blue

Dupont 24160 Blue

Deutz tractor

Dupont 7773 green

Minneapolis Moline

Dupont 006 Prairie Gold Dupont 020 Orange

Cletrac Orange

Dupont 017 Orange

Oliver Green

Dupont 019 Green Dupont 030 Green

Oliver Yellow

Dupont 029 yellow

The following J. I. Case colors are given with Dupont match

Power Red


Power Orange


Power White










Cushman vertical

93-62713-H green

Cushman Cub

Ditzler 32565 gray

Cushman Model 21 Type X engines Skids etc for above

Dupont 7498 Green Dupont 7410 red

United engines

Dulux 93-1863-H

IHC & J.I. Case Red

Dupont #674

Note: DuPont finishes are cited the most often because their
color chips were most readily available. We presume that these
numbers will interchange with other manufacturers however.

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