My Latest Project

By Staff
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26 Pineview Drive Henrico, North Carolina 27842

I thought you readers might like to see the project I worked on
last winter. I started with a golf cart rear end, lawn mower
transmission, and old starter generator gleaned from several visits
to the junk yard. My trusty International LA would provide

After much fitting, welding, drilling and bolting, the frame was

When I started planning this project I wanted to have an
all-wood body, so I bought some rough cut oak from a local sawmill
and stored it in my garage attic for about 18 months. Turns out
that was not quite long enough, because the wood did shrink a
little after final assembly.

This unit attracts a lot of attention with electric start,
ammeter to show battery charging, and headlights. I have not found
suitable taillights yet, but I’m still looking for them.

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