It All Came

By Staff
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Alan Mellor

315 Hoyer Street Loudonville, Ohio 44842

I started collecting David Bradley products about seven years
ago. I have had a lot of fun with it. During the fall of 1993, I
put an ad in the paper looking for Tri-Trac implements, but no
luck. I got some satisfaction with David Bradley walk-behinds. I
bought one and used it to plow snow that winter. At a show in 1995,
I bought the cart which was in need of new wood and tires. In the
summer of 1996, I went to the show in Bradley, Illinois, with my
Tri-Trac and plow. I saw a real nice hauling cart and walk-behind.
That got my interest back in the cart. That summer I rebuilt the
cart using six inch pine tongue and groove wood. I put Allstate
tires on it and painted the frame. I got the tractor out and
started the restoration of it, and the Briggs and Stratton

I took it to some shows and had a lot of fun hauling my three
year old daughter around, who said, ‘It sure beats
walking!’ In the summer of 1997 the last piece fell into place,
the buzz saw. I thought buying the cart was a rare find, but the
saw really made my day. I repainted it and had the blade sharpened.
It is amazing the job that little saw will do. I really enjoyed
showing the saw this summer and sawing with it.

I think it all came together very nicely!

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