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Again we want to say that the only notice you will receive from
us is the renewal slip of paper you will find in the magazine when
the expiration comes. We are doing it this way to save expense. We
hope you don’t mind and when the expiration notice is found in
the magazine that if you intend to renew, that you will do it as
soon as you can. That will help us in our book-keeping. Thank

The robins have arrived so I guess it won’t be long until
Mother Nature has everything painted green and we will feel life is
worth living after all.

One thing is for sure not many in this section ever experienced
a white Easter before. They say it hasn’t happened since 1885.
Early on the morning of March 29, it started snowing; we all
thought it wouldn’t last, but it didn’t let up until it had
dumped eight inches of snow on the ground. By noon driving was
really treacherous.

We have had several inquiries for help on different engines. Mr.
Sebastian Macaluso, Box 368, Monroe, New York 10950, would like to
know if anyone has operating instructions for a 40 hp. ‘Olin
Gas Engine.’ His friend has one and they would like to get it
started as soon as warm weather comes. They are two optimistic

Mr. Victor Suelter, R. R. 2, Lincoln, Kansas 67455, wants
catalog or instruction book on Waterloo Boy (12-25) he bought. Also
Mr. Charles Van Ry, Wolcott Hill Road, Camden, New York 13316,
wants to know if there is information available telling the right
colors for different engines.

This is an unusual request — Mr. M.B. Martinson, 601 Gilman,
Sheffield, Iowa 50475, has inquired if there is anybody making
steam engines that they are installing on automobiles that can be
bought. Also, if anybody is making steam cars that can be bought at
the present time.

It won’t be long now until we will be getting the fever to
go to some show and getting into all the activity there. If anyone
is interested in taking subscriptions at the shows, please write us
for information.

Until next time, good luck, good health and best wishes.

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