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It’s only mid-June as we ready this issue of GEM for the
printer, but already we’ve seen a bumper crop of fantastic old
iron coming out to bask in the wamth of the summer sun.

A trip in May to Decatur, Ala., had me enjoying some fine
Southern hospitality, thanks to the great show put on by the
Southland Flywheelers. Traveling to different parts of the country
is always interesting, affording an opportunity to see engines that
were once employed in ways you might not generally consider. Cotton
has long been an agricultural staple in the south, but if
you’re not from the area you could be forgiven for not
considering just how important gas engines were to cotton farmers,
employed by the thousands to process cotton in the old gins that
were once scattered seemingly everywhere. Some of those engines
still survive, of course, and a few of them made the trip to the
Alabama Jubilee.

I’m happy to report that C.H. Wendel is coming along well
since his stroke this past May 3. A lot of you took the time to
send cards and letters to Charles, and I know they meant a lot to
him. We were finishing up this issue when Charles sent us a note
updating us on his condition

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