Gettin’ Up Speed

By Staff
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Yesterday was a beautiful day in Pennsylvania, however at this time of the year, all that can change over night. And change it did, and with it, many plans for today and especially tonight had to be changed.

This morning when my daughter, Barbara, and I started for Sunday School and Church, a few snowflakes and a little sleet started falling, but when Church was over all roads were covered just enough to be very slick.

In such conditions I am always a coward at driving the car, and always find myself wishing that I could leave it stand right where its’ parked, and just stay at church or walk home, but being hungry we simply had to try it. Sure was not easy. I know that at times we both prayed to get safely home, and after several skids and slides I know that home never looked better to me before.

We shared Thanksgiving dinner with Rev. and Mrs. Ritzman and their daughter, Marsha. The dinner was very good, everyone enjoyed it a lot, and we all had a very good time, a very nice Thanksgiving day to remember.

Now that Winter is upon us, I dream of the Boss sending me to Col. Houston Henrdon’s Gas and Steam Show which is held on February 7 & 8, at Sarasota-Bradenton Speedway in good old Florida. All you people down that way please try to attend, you will enjoy the show and maybe by chance you could meet my Boss. Ha!

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