By Staff

From all signs we can discern, the year 1986 should set new
records for numbers of engine shows, threshermen’s reunions and
other special events which are managed and attended by GEM

We look forward to new highs in attendance at all these
functions, with proceeds helping clubs and organizations to
undertake new construction or museum projects, or to complete those
already underway.

We wish you all a successful and safe year. With liability
insurance rates on the rise, even greater emphasis than ever should
be placed on prevention of accidents of any kind. We would like to
do a survey on your experience and thinking in relation to
liability coverage, for the benefit of all our readers.

The 1986 Steam and Gas Show Directory has been given an
enthusiastic reception and sales are coming along well. We still
have copies available, for both individual and group sales. Get
them now, as the season starts.

Our new publication, the Farm Museum Directory, has also been
given a warm welcome. It is in production and copies should soon be
available. Watch GEM for notices. It will contain much that will
interest you.

Do you have a story about your favorite engine? If so, write it
and send it with good clear pictures to GEM. If you have a rare or
unusual engine, we’d like to tell our readers about it.

We are always happy to receive articles. Obviously, we cannot
publish them all, or publish some of them without editing, but we
are eager to hear from you so don’t be shy!

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