For A Chuckle

By Staff

Reprinted with permission of Gordon H. Allen, Ed., Journal
&. Republican Newspaper, Lowville, New York, submitted to them
by Clifford Lehman. Sent to us by Peter Gydesen, Lyons Falls, New
York 13368.

A farmer went to his attorney and said he wanted a divorce.

The attorney asked, ‘Do you have any grounds?’

Farmer: ‘Yep, I got 30 acres.’

Attorney: ‘No. That’s not what I mean. Do you have a

Farmer: ‘Nope. I got a John Deere. That’s what I farm
those 30 acres with.’

Attorney: ‘No, No. You’re not understanding me. Do you
want to bring a suit? Do you have a grudge?’

Farmer: ‘Well, I’ve got a suit hanging home in the
closet. The grudge- that’s where I keep my John Deere.’

Attorney: ‘You’re not listening to me at all. Let’s
talk about your wife for a minute. Do you beat her up?’

Farmer: ‘Nope. She gets up at 4:30 about the same as I

Attorney: ‘But you want a divorce. I’m trying to find
out why.’

Farmer: ‘Well sir, we have this communication problem!’
worker makes $9.00 a month. They don’t understand business and
half the crops are wasted, never reaching the consumer.

In this world, I’ve never seen people live as good as they
do in the USA. Here a carpenter can work two hours and buy a pair
of shoes. People on welfare have one or two cars.

Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

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