EDGE&TA Branch 8

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L-R: Steve Ferrasci, John Boyajian, & Howard Martin. The 10 HP Commercial engine built in Los Angeles circa 1910 is owned by Boyajian Brothers.

Sec.-Treas. Submitted by: Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Martin 1535
Peach Avenue Clovis, California 936I2

Branch 8 was created at Kelleys Beach on the Kings River in
Reedley, California on Saturday, April 4, 1981. Many previous
discussions had been held by old engine and tractor enthusiasts so
on that day a meeting of interested people firmed up the idea.
Cliff Hardy of Woodland and Dick Hamp of San Jose came down to help
put the branch together. They outlined what was expected of a new
group. At that time Branch numbers 8,9,10 and 11 were open and
Branch 8 was selected. Original officers were President, Ron
Golbeck; Vice President, Stanton Filer; Sec.-Treas., Bryce Morris;
Editor, Milton Stauffer.

Branch 8 is in the region that runs roughly from Bakersfield to
Merced with many members from even greater distances. The Branch
grew to about 170 members in 1987. Officers are: President, Howard
Martin, 1535 Peach, Clovis, CA; Vice President, Steve Ferrasci,
2934 East Normal, Fresno, CA; Secretary/Treasurer, John Boyajian,
10245 S. Crawford Ave., Dinuba, CA; Editor, Kathy Ferrasci, 2934
East Normal, Fresno, CA.

Branch 8 will host EDGE&TA’s 1988 National Meet in
Merced, California on June 18 and 19.

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