By Staff

EDGE&TA Branch 8 Newsletter Editor 3001 W. Inyo, Tulare,
California 93274

I had a dream the other night.
It was such a wonderful sight;
Turned my head and what did I see?
A field of old machinery.

Tractors lined up all in a row;
Engines purring and stacks aglow.
Threshers looming like ghosts at night,
Balers on the left, binders on the right.

Over there was a sea of green,
More John Deere than I’d ever seen.
A Ford, a Case, a Rumely, too.
Love the old stuff; hate the new.

Looked up and saw smoke rise to the sky.
There stood a steamer two stories high.
This silent giant moved down the lane
I had to have one or go insane.

Then I awoke with a sudden start.
The Gas Engine Magazine lay on my heart
Opened to an article I had yet to complete,
Urging all to attend the National Meet.

Gas Engine Magazine
Gas Engine Magazine
Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines