Does Anyone Recognize This Mower?

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3254 Kansas Street Oakland, California 94602

These are pictures I have been meaning to send for a long time.
This is a miserable rainy day, so today is a good day to get it
done, as I see more and more of the old timers are dying off. I
have been to many shows and have seen many engines, tractors and
lots of homemade equipment using old cars and hay making machines
converted to use old cars. But I’ve only seen one
self-propelled mower in my days around the northeast Oklahoma hay
fields which I did a lot of before WWII, and the Grand River Dam
flooded our farm under 100 feet of water.

This mower is a masterpiece of ingenuity or art. Don’t know
who or when the maker was, but it’s plain to see he only used
parts on hand from a 192? Auburn car and two McCormick-Deering
mowers to get the two drive wheel gears for propulsion. No welds
and no acetylene cuts, all bolted together.

The lifting lever has been forged into a sort of ‘S’
shape to go between car axle and the mower axle. Everything just
fits perfectly. The only add-on auxiliary pieces are the steering
extension and the shovel handle gear shift lever.

The mower is at the Mickey Grove Museum in Lodi, California.

You can see a drive on top of left wheel. I can’t find the
odd size tires for the front wheels, but there is no reason a steel
band and guide ring couldn’t be made to work.

Published on Apr 1, 2000

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