Aultman & Taylor 30-60

By Staff

We recently heard from Calvin Conett, 11320 S.E. 169, Gower,
Missouri 64456, who sent a copy of the cover of the Repair Price
List, No. 5. Here are Calvin’s excerpts from the parts list for
our readers’ information: Engine number is stamped on top of
the motor base and on the rim of the fly wheel.

Engines #1 to #201 were not equipped with rear wheel

#201, #225 had 20′ wheels, #226-up had 24′ wheels, #214
and #215 also had 24′ wheels, 20′ wheel was $225.00 in
1918, Square Radiator was used on all engines up to #762 and
several afterwards.

Replaced by 38′ or 42′ tubular radiator.

Gearing    low speed 2 mph, regular 2-2 mph, high
3 mph, Gearing changes, #1-201, #201-#583, #583 and up.

Valves levers, cranks, etc. changed up to #101, #101-#201, #201
and up

Some parts listed for #1269 and up.

‘I presume that this Aultman & Taylor made over 1269
tractors up to 1918,’ writes Connett.

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