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There are several bridges crossing the river at Harrisburg, Pa.
Some years ago they closed an eighty year old iron bridge to
trucks. The people became panicky and thought the bridge would
collapse anytime and surely when they were crossing it. The
officials then came out with this statement, ‘The bridge was
OK, but they just wanted it to last longer.’

That is our position concerning the attending the reunions. I
have become deaf and very difficult for me to write out
subscriptions. My family does not want me to travel alone. It is
very difficult to get someone to go with me. The driving becomes a
task. Now that we are getting out two Magazines it compells us to
spend more time at home.

My good horse, sense tells me I had better slow down. Since my
motor is old. It is a kind of an old and big Aultman Taylor with
one speed. I will have to close the throttle a little to make the
old motor last a little longer. I shall not attend the Reunions in
an official capacity with the Magazines.

We have made arrangements with others to take our work with the
Magazines at the Reunions. Mrs. Elmer Sheaffer of Yoe, Pa. will
carryall the Eastern shows, except Kinzers. Mrs. Pruden and Mrs.
Dorothy Smith will take New York shows, both steam and Gas. Mrs.
Ernest Hoffer, Toledo (The picture lady) will be. at Pontiac and
several other shows. Mr. Gilmar Johnson of Frederick, Wis., will
represent us at Mt. Pleasant. Some Shows will be represented by us;
by their own Staff. Mr. and Mrs. F. I,. Williams have represented
us at several Shows in (he past and will continue to do so. Mr Orin
Seaver of Ypsilanti, Mich., has handled our work for years and will

There are others who work for us. If they have the official
subscription blank that is their credentials and we shall honor

We very greatly appreciate the work of these people and suggest
that you patronize them.

Mr. Ward Marshall, Dayton, Ohio will represent us at some of the
shows. He is an interesting man, and you will enjoy meeting; him
and doing business with him. He has been with us some years.

Here is a picture of my 20-40 Rumely Tractor which I restored
and painted.

Published on Sep 1, 1966

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