An Engine’s Life

By Staff

1435 Starline Avenue, Osceola, Iowa 50213

It was a normal day in 1922 when they made me and painted me
bright green and yellow like a John Deere tractor. I was a Waterloo
Boy engine.

My makers stuffed me into the wooden crate and put me on the
train. It was a bumpy ride. After I got to Lacelle, Iowa, a farmer
came and got me. He put me on the floor of the wagon. It seemed
like the horses hit all the rough spots. It seemed like it took
forever to get where we were going.

The man said, ‘We’re finally home in Lacelle.’

Right away he put me to the test. They used me to operate a
pumpjack. Pumping water was easy.

The next day the farmer used me for corn grinding and it was
hard, but fun. I’ve never been used that way before. He used me
for a buzz saw to cut wood.

But after forty years, I was using lots of oil and I was leaking
gas, too. The farmer also got a tractor. So the farmer threw me in
a corner of the barn. I felt really bad about myself. He started
throwing junk on me. I felt like nothing and there were cobwebs
growing on me, also.

Then I got in the way and he took me out. I thought he was going
to use me, but he threw me in the ditch with the other old stuff. I
felt lonely, cold, wet, abandoned and miserable. I was sinking into
the dirt. I felt that no one loved me. I sat there for twenty years
or more. My paint was fading and I was rusting away.

One sunny day a man came to Farmer Webb’s ditch and stumbled
upon me. He said, ‘This is what I’ve been looking for. With
a little work I can make this like new.’ He dug me out of the
dirt and carefully lifted me into his truck.

He washed me and tuned me up. He finally repainted me bright
green and yellow. I felt like new! I ran like a champ!

Now I go to all the gas engine shows in the Midwest. My owner
sets me up, turns me on, and I sing. People walk by, stop, and
admire me. My owner brags about me.

Now I feel proud and good about myself!!

This story was written by Krysta Lee, 14 year old daughter
of Robert and Elaine Lee, Robert, Elaine and Krysta are collectors
of chain saws, Case tractors, and antique engines. It was sent to
us by Gerald Garner, 1435 Starline Ave., Osceola, Iowa

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