A British Viewpoint

By Staff
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F-M 2 HP Z running at Walton Hall Museum, Essex, April 1995.
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Fordson E27N 1948 at Balletlands Steam Rally September 1995.
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Fordson Standard 'N' 1945.

18 Pettits Boulevard, Rise Park, Romford, Essex, England RM1

My daughter and I eagerly await each issue. It is good to see
how the movement in other countries is followed with the same
enthusiasm as in Great Britain. It’s good to see that we all
have the same problems with renovation along with difficulty in
obtaining spares. So far my daughter’s Fairbanks Morse Z has
been run at our shows without too many problems, although I must
say, points for the FM R type magneto do not seem to be available
in the U.K.

We see a great deal of American engines along with the famous
tractor names at our shows. I like to think that there are
enthusiasts who collect and show our U.K. engines and tractors at
your rallies. We have only been involved in the hobby of engine and
tractor renovation since 1991 and have made many friends.

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