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When we printed an illustration of a Howard Rotavator
‘GEM’ in our February issue, we hadn’t expected that so
many of these machines were in the United States. Here are some
photos of one unit owned by Larry Kastens of 9956 S. Deer Trail,
Hereford, AZ 85615, who writes: ‘I last ran this one 10 years
ago. It is the best rotary tiller I have ever operated. This one
has a differential that allows one to easily turn at the ends of
the garden rows. The machine is well balanced and a joy to operate.
The engine tag reads, ‘Engine number 91129/5; Rotary Hoes LTD.;
East Horndon Essex.’ The machine tag says ‘The Howard
‘Rotavator’ GEM.’ It lists a patent as follows:
‘Patented in the United Kingdom, Machine No. 28389.’ This
machine has a tiller width of 20 inches and housing width of 22

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