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38/9/1: Unidentified Weed Cutter
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38/9/2A Right side view of unidentified engine.
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38/9/2C: Left side of unidentified engine.
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38/9/2B: Rear view of unidentified engine.
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38/9/5: Unknown device.

38/9/1: Unidentified weed cutter.

I recently acquired this weed cutter, and I’m looking for
any information from you or GEM readers as to how old it is, what
horsepower it is, etc. On the mower it says ‘Mono Power Saw and
Mowers’ manufactured by Mono Manufacturing Co., Springfield,
Mo., Model BJ-3, serial no. 2075. Power comes from a Clinton
engine, serial no. 2807283B, Model A 801 COB. I have never heard of
this company and would welcome any information. Thanks. Gregg
Simpson, 4271 Rutland-Dunn Road, Oregon, WI 53575.

38/9/2: Unidentified Engine

Does anybody know what this engine is? I bought it at a yard
sale, and there are no markings or nameplate on it. Thanks in
advance for any help. Richard LaRusso, 28 Hine Road, New Milford,
CT 06776.

38/9/3: Holloway Mower

Robert Comer sends in some photographs of an interesting little
mower, hoping someone out there might have more information on the
piece. The only identification on the mower is a plate giving
operating instructions and noting the engine as built by McCullough
of Los Angeles, Calif.

Robert has a little bit of background, however, including an old
newspaper clipping from a local paper dated May 16, 1948. According
to the clipping, the mower was the brainchild of one Doc Holloway,
who operated a small hospital in Byron, Mich. The noted feature in
the clipping is the mower’s cutting blade, composed of four
cutting points mounted on a cast hub, itself bolted to the
engine’s crankshaft. The blades can be removed for

Robert has had the mower since the 1950s, and it hasn’t been
run since. Even so, it turns over and has compression. Robert would
like to hear from anyone who has one of these mowers, or anyone who
can fill in the missing details of the company. In fact, so would
we. Contact Robert Comer at: 7998 E. Clinton Trail, Eaton Rapids,
MI 48827-9089.

38/9/4: 3 HP IHC

I am rebuilding a 1920 International 3 HP engine and would like
information on why the three following parts are made of brass:

Governor break shoe, Eccentric strap, Fuel pump, with the
exception of the body (discharge check value, plunger and plunger

I would appreciate any information regarding why these parts
were made of brass. Thank you. Louis J. Werner, 405 E. Mill St.,
Freeburg, 1L 62243; (618) 539-3950.

38/9/5: Unknown Device

What is this thing? I bought it for $5 at a farm auction in
Hudson, Mich., because I didn’t want to see it trashed. I
don’t know if it has any value, and there seems to be a lot
missing. On the flywheel is cast ‘Dicks #7 Feed Cutter
Manufactured at Dicks

Agricultural Works, Canton, Ohio.’ Thanks for any
information. John Plotz, 11299 Cardwell, Livonia, MI 48150.

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