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C. H. Wendel, our Reflector, was guiding the trip to England for
GEM subscribers this month, so I am stepping in to write this
column. While I have a great deal of enthusiasm for gas engines and
their collectors, I have virtually no technical knowledge on the
subject, so please bear with me as I present the questions this
month, rather than trying to answer them!

I spoke with Mr. Wendel just before this column went to press,
and he reports that a jolly time was had by all on the trip to
England. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the trip in future
columns, and that we’ll see photos of the many interesting
collections the group visited. And now to the letters:

28/9/1 Sandwich Corn Sheller

Q. I recently acquired a disassembled single
ear hand cranked corn Sheller. I was told that all of the pieces
were in the box. h has a typical wooden frame, metal Sheller, hand
crank and a flywheel. Letters on one bottom side panel say it was
manufactured by Sandwich Mfg. Co., Sandwich, IL. The word
‘NEW’ was legible on one top side panel. I would appreciate
information about how to reassemble this sheller, original paint
color and lettering. Duane Walker, 1441 NW 39th, Topeka, KS

28/9/2 Hicks Engine

During my tour of the San Francisco Waterfront, I took these
pictures of a marine engine manufactured by Hicks Engine Co., of
San Francisco. The engine is listed in the index of American Gas
Engines, but not pictured. Donald R. Green, PO Box 618, Allyn, WA

28/9/3 Unidentified Engine

This is an engine which I have restored, but cannot identify.
The only number on this machine is ’29.’ Since I obtained
this engine in North Dakota, there is a possibility it may have
originated in Canada. If you can identify this engine, I would
appreciate it very much. Bernard L. Swenson, 404 Boulder Dr.,
Carson City, NV 89706-0562.

28/9/4 Kohler plant

I need information on a Kohler Electric plant (4 cyl. model D
24631 110 volts D.C. 1500 watts 1000 rpm), pictures or service
manual. Dean C. Barr, P.O. Box 186, Hiddenite, NC 28636.

28/9/5 Lauson Oil Test In the late ’40s
when I started working for a petroleum research lab, we operated
several single cylinder water cooled Lauson engines called ‘oil
test engines.’ They were used for screening tests to evaluate
lubricating oil additives. After I returned, I came across one of
these engines we had used and made a trade for it. While cleaning
the engine, I removed the name plate, which was plainly marked
‘Lauson Oil Test  Engine’ plus the model and serial

Now I can’t find the name plate, and I didn’t write down
the numbers. I have written to Tecumseh several times with a
complete description, but they say, ‘need more
information.’ Here is a description:

Lauson single cylinder, ‘oil test engine,’ four cycle
upright. The engine is water-cooled, with water condenser: row
water flows through the condenser coil to cool the water jacket.
Bore 25/8‘ x stroke 2
3/8‘. Flywheel is 9 inches diameter,
23/8‘ face. There is an electric heater
in the base (110 VAC) to heat the oil sump; height is 26 inches
from bottom of base to top of condenser. Photos are minus a
carburetor and water level sight glass in condenser. I need to know
model number, seek maintenance, instructions or other literature
and parts especially the carburetor. Would really appreciate any
help. Jack W. Stone, 79 Sparks Ave., Pennsville, NJ 08070.

28/9/6 Fairfield Engine

Mason Sickel wrote us a letter some time ago about a Fairfield
engine his grandfather, Pete, had purchased. Mason received a reply
from an Australian enthusiast who thinks he has the only Fairfield
in his country. He needs a carburetor and manifold to get his
Fairfield running, and would like to hear from anyone who can help:
Garry Williams, No. 5 Wenolebury Rd., Chipping Norton NSW,
Australia 2710.

28/9/7 Domestic

Q. I have a 4 HP Domestic engine, serial no.
X29538. Also there is a brass tag with Empire Gas & Fuel Co.,
Register, 4-76-215 on it. I would like to find the date that the
engine was built. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Gary Shonk, 9709 Sarracenia Rd., Pascagoula, MS 39581.

28/9/8 Delco Light Plant

Q. I have a Delco 850 watt, 32 volt Light
Plant. I need information on it. Anyone have manuals? Charles
Horak, 3556 Cleveland St., NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418-1535.

28/9/9 Empire Cream

Q. I recently purchased the engine pictured
which has left me with questions nobody seems to be able to answer.
Maybe you can. The tag reads as follows:


I would venture to guess it was built by Alamo, but I have no
idea when. The man I bought it from says somewhere in the early
teens. It is painted the classic Alamo blue and it looks like an
early Alamo hopper but there are a few differences: 1) the engine
has a Wizard type 61 magneto 2) it has a three ball fly ball type
governor. This engine has a 6′ bore and a 12′ stroke,
40′ flywheels and a brass fuel pump. She runs like a new baby
except for a fuel problem which is probably minor in nature. Would
you agree that the paint color is correct? and what would you
believe the mfg. date to be? Also what kind of cream separator
would use a 10 HP engine? Lawrence Dudek, 288 Geer Rd., Jewett
City, CT 06351.

A. Unfortunately for Mr. Dudek, I can’t
answer his questions. However, I’m sure there are other readers
who may be able to help, and I encourage them to!

28/9/10 Palmer Marine Q. This engine has a name
plate that reads Palmer Bros. Cos Cob Connecticut patented Aug 20
1901. All ignition parts are missing, and a piston from an old Chef
has been substituted. The bore is 3′ with a 4′ stroke. It
is pictured in the yellow book page 378 top left page. Any light
you can shed will be greatly appreciated. Marvin Bourgeau, 520
Hillcrest St., Coquitlam, B.C. Canada U35 6N5.

A. I know that we have some marine engine
collectors who will know more about your engine, and I hope they
will write into the Readers Write section.

28/9/11 Fairway 12 Update

Duane Hildebrand of RR2 Box 453, Drums, PA 18222-9568 writes to
alert us that he is currently updating the McCormick
Deering/International Fairway 12 register and would appreciate
having owners of these tractors notify him if they have not already
registered. Duane was kind enough to send along a copy of his
registry, which now includes 30 tractors.

28/9/12 Massey Harris

Q. I recently purchased a Massey-Harris 3 HP
model R 20 engine #77908. I would like to know the proper color for
this engine. There are traces of dark green paint on it, so it must
have been painted the same color as a Cushman Cub. I would also
like to know when it was made. Douglas MacKechnie, PO Box 683,
Moravia, NY 13118.

A. I don’t think we have a file on color
matches or serial numbers for Massey-Harris engines, so maybe
someone out there can fill in the gaps for Douglas.

28/9/13 Witte Engine

Q. I recently acquired a Witte gas engine s/n
34525. I would like to know when the engine was sold and to whom,
plus any other info you could give me. The engine has a cross cut
saw attachment on it, did Witte make the saw also? Kelly Birkey, 15
Allison Dr., Paxton, IL 60957.

A. Can anyone help out on this one? I think the
answer to the cross cut saw attachment is yes, they did make them,
or at least sold them with their engines. Mr. Wendel has records on
Witte, and I will see that he gets your letter so he can advise you
of the date of the engine.

28/9/14 Mystery Tool

Q. See photo of a piece of equipment made to
bolt to a table I don’t know what it is. I also have a Kelley
Duplex Mill No. 50. I would like to know the year it was built it
is a small machine and was made in Springfield, Ohio. Wilbur
Arlington, 255 E. Perrin Ave., McComb, OH 45858.

A. I certainly can’t answer this one, and
would advise you to consult your local experts on antique tools.
However, maybe one of our readers can shed light here for you.

28/9/15 John Deere Tractor

Q. Could this 1935 B s/n 3074 have been shipped
from the factory with these F & H adjustable front wheels?
Also, did it have a temperature gauge and if so where was it
located? Marc Comes, PO Box 9371, Bend, OR 97708.

A. Well, I can’t tell you whether your
wheels are original, but I do know there are thousands of John
Deere tractor collectors who read this magazine, so hopefully some
of them will write to you.

28/9/16 Rotary Crusher

Q. I have a rotary crusher, but I have no idea
what it crushes’. The brass name plate reads: Rotary Fine
Crusher No. 840 Mfg. by Sturtevant Mill Co., Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
Pat. Date May 10, 1904 to Sept. 19, 1916. I don’t want to wreck
it with rocks if it’s supposed to crush coal or gold ore,
whatever. It is quite husky, cone center, flat belt pulley to turn
pinion. Any help would be appreciated.

A. Unlike a John Deere tractor, crushers are
not so widely collected! Possibly one of our readers can help with
this one. Another suggestion is to check to see whether Sturtevant
Mill Co., or a successor is still in business in Boston. Often the
local historical society, or reference desk of the public library,
can assist with this research.

28/9/17 Gray Marine

Q. I recently purchased a Gray Marine Motor Co.
engine model 1-5 No. 4192. Any information as to parts, literature,
etc. would be appreciated. John Heasley, 190 Paragon, Troy, MI

A. I called upon our marine engine collectors
earlier in the column, and need them here again. Hope you can help
Mr. Heasley.

28/9/18 Air Compressor

Q. We recently inherited the last mortal
remains of an old air compressor (see accompanying photos). It is a
V-Twin with high and low pressure cylinders. The high pressure
cylinder head has no. 375 38W Joy cast into it. Is it a Joy
compressor? Are they still in business? The engine is a 4-cylinder
BUD A, model 4B182. Any information will be appreciated. Herbert E.
Mann, 2588 W 250 S, Warsaw, IN 46580.

A. Here’s another question I am completely
unable to answer, and must rely upon the keen eyes of our
subscribers for assistance.

28/9/19 Hay Press

Q. I have just bought an old hay press. It is
just like the one on page 324 of your Encyclopedia of American Farm
Tractors. I would like to know what colors it was painted and if
you would know what years they were made. It is an Eli Belt Power
Baling Press manufactured by Collins Plow Company. Orlen Helgerson,
4376 Lane 49, Aurora, MN 55705.

A. Any ideas from anyone?


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