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Mr. Ken Robison, 20531 Black Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030 sends
along the safety guidelines used by Branch 3 of EDGE&TA. This
goes out to all the members, and likewise is distributed to every
exhibitor at their shows. Briefly, the Branch 3 Safety Guidelines
include the following requirements:

Double rope stanchions separating engines from the public by a
minimum of four feet.

Fire extinguisher at hand, but not near flammables.

Running engines shall not be left unattended.

Person attending engines must be in control at all times.

At least three feet clear space between individual engines.

No consumption of alcohol while inside any roped-off area or
while operating equipment.

The following rules are desired:

Clutter-free, attractive exhibit space.

Exhaust directed up or away from viewing public.

Watchful eyes and constant awareness.

Belts parallel to viewing public.

First Aid kit.

We can’t see any reason for anyone to complain about the
above rules- in our opinion, they make the message as simply and
succinctly as possible. As we have said before, don’t burden
your exhibitors with a lot of jargon and superfluous things-and if
there is a problem, be diplomatic but firm in explaining why these
rules are needed, i.e., insurance, the safety of the public, and
the exhibitor’s own personal safety. The way things are going
with insurance, a few accidents, and a few damage claims, and
eventually, it will cost a king’s ransom to carry liability
insurance for a show! That will hurt all of us who enjoy old iron,
and that hurts the hobby.

Our first question this month is:

24/9/1 Banner engine Q. I recently purchased a
1? HP Banner engine made at Lansing, Michigan. It is Type W, s/n
5006. American Gas Engines lists this engine in the index, and on
page 10 the Acme engine, also built at Lansing, is illustrated. The
magneto bracket 303K21 is not listed in the December, 1986 GEM
listing of Webster magneto brackets. The engine was originally a
deep dark maroon. Is there a connection between the Banner and Acme
engines! I would like to hear from other Acme/Banner owners. F. L.
Roof, Jr., 13188 SR68 South, Kenton, OH 43326.

A. Although a connection between these two
companies is entirely possible, we have seen nothing to
substantiate this. Has anyone tried to research this matter?

24/9/2 Massey-Harris Pony Q. My son and I are
attempting our first tractor restoration, a Massey-Harris Pony, s/n
PGA19605, engine no. N62E37924. Any information will be
appreciated, including any manuals, proper color scheme, etc. Luke
LeClere, PO Box 1437, Ojai, CA 93023.

A. Our files have little specific data on the
M-H Pony, but we know that this is a very popular and rather scarce
little tractor. We urge other Pony owners to give these folks an

24/9/3 Unknown engine Q. See the two views from
an old instruction manual. The book does not include the name of
the engine, or location of the factory, so I would like to know who
built this particular engine. Woody Sins, 115C Audino La.,
Rochester, NY 14624.

A. We can’t give you an offhand
identification for this one, but the practice of one book sufficing
for the same engine wearing several different hats was a common
one. Many of the Hercules and Economy books are the same, with no
identifying name, as are some of those from Alamo-the latter being
sold under several different trade names.

24/9/4 Tiger garden tractor Q. We have two
Tiger garden tractors, Model 883, from 1954 and 1955. They were
built in Keyser, West Virginia. We have never seen anything on
these small tractors in GEM and would be happy to hear from anyone
who might have information or history regarding these tractors or
the company. Philip Bucher, 11 Harbor Heights Drive, Centerport, NY

24/9/5 Unidentified tractor See the below
photos illustrating a tractor we recently purchased. The seller
said it was a Co-op, but there is no serial plate or name on it.
Any information on this tractor will be appreciated. Rocky Fowler,
5537 Tap Road 112, Tiffin, OH 44883.

24/9/6 Graham-Paige Rototillers Q. I’m a
fairly new collector with a special interest in walking tractors,
especially the Graham-Paige Rototiller. I recently acquired one of
these with a sickle mower attachment which needs work. The factory
was no help on the mower, so I was wondering whether any readers
might have any information on it. 1 am also looking for any
information on Standard Twin garden tractors and attachments. Is
there still a parts supplier for the Standard Twin? Scott Carlsen,
229 Water Street, Cambridge, WI 53523.

24/9/7 David Bradley garden tractor Harry
Bonnema, RR 4, Box 226, LeMars, IA 51031 would like to know the
correct paint color for the David Bradley garden tractor, Model
9175 1575, also the mint green for the wheels. Any help will be

24/9/8 Unidentified engine Q. See photos 8A and
8B of an engine we have been unable to identify. There are no
identification marks on it, except that we know it came off a
Coldwell lawn mower. The engine is dark green and has a 3 ? inch
bore. Any information will be appreciated. Howard B. Lineberry, 95
Lee Street, Middletown, CT 06457.

24/9/9 McCormick reaper model Q. See the below
photos illustrating a model of the McCormick reaper. How many of
these were built, and what is their possible value? Lacey Goldman,
Box 664, Webb, MS 38966.

A. We believe these were built for the
Centennial of the reaper in 1931. We have no specific information
about this, but we have been told that these were either bought by
or given to IHC dealers at the time of the Centennial. How many
more were built beyond this, we do not know, neither would we be
able to attach a value.

24/9/10 Model Hay Balers Q. Lately I have seen
several model hay balers in GEM and at shows, and was wondering
where people get them. Is anyone making them like model
engines-castings, etc.? Gregory Camp, Box 386, Randolph, VT

A. We know of several people who have built
model balers, and they have fabricated them in the shop. One man
who built a model baler told us that he gave serious thought to
providing a model kit, but after getting some legal counsel,
decided against it due to the potential for all kinds of nasty
legal problems. In other words, if someone was to build these for
sale to another person, and the buyer, even through his own
stupidity stuck his finger into the bale chamber for alterations,
the odds are pretty good that the poor guy who sold the model,
ostensibly for people to enjoy would end up being the goat and

24/9/11 Serial numbers Q. What is the year
built for a Fairbanks-Morse ZC engine, s/n 772236, and a Lauson,
A91382? Raymond P. Cain, Box 40, Pleasanton, KS 66075.

A. The FBM engine is 1933, but we have no data
on Lauson.

24/9/12 Paint colors Q. Can anyone supply the
proper colors for a Lindsay-Alamo and a Flying Dutchman from Moline
Plow Co. ? Pete Peterson, 1025 Kouns Lane, Edwardsville, KS

A. We once restored a Flying Dutchman and used
Dupont 55913H Fanfare Maroon. The decal was repainted by hand. Not
certain of the blue shade for Lindsay-Alamo.

24/9/13 Fairfield engine Q. What is the correct
color of the Fair-field engine made at Fairfield, Iowa? Bud
Zimmerman, 250 Loudville Road, Easthampton, MA 01027?

A. We believe they were painted black, and so
far as we know, had no pinstriping.

24/9/14 Empire cream separator Q. What is the
year and proper color for an Empire Cream Separator Co. engine, 2 ?
HP, s/n 64383? Also year and color for an Alamo, s/n 102799? Roger
Boise, RD 1, Box 12, New Haven, VT 05472.

A. We don’t know of any serial number
information on the above engines, and we are not definitely sure on
the color scheme for them.


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