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After a month’s hiatus, ye olde Reflector is back to bring
you a firsthand report of the summer journey to England.

Our group of 75 came into Heathrow Airport, London and journeyed
from there to Winchester, where we stayed for three nights. Many of
you are acquainted with Alex Skinner; the latter was our resident
engine expert during the tour. He was with our group from beginning
to end, and provided a lot of delightful insight and background
information to anyone who asked.

It would be easy to run on in pages and pages about the tour.
However, a few specific items stand out for this writer. One was
the visit to the Tatton Park Engine Rally. We attended the Rally on
June 26, and this was the only rain we experienced during two weeks
in England. (Doesn’t it always rain at engine shows?!) However,
the drizzle of rain ended about noon, and even while it was rainy
in the forenoon, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the

Of particular interest was the 10 HP Stickney engine owned by
the T. Juffer family; their address is Bovenstraatweg 11, 8096 PC,
Oldebroek, Holland. The Juffers purchased this engine from Lyle
Dumont at Sigourney, Iowa. It is restored beautifully, and ran
faultlessly all day long. The Juffer family has only been
collecting engines for about 7 years, but they have amassed a
number of very fine American as well as European engines.

Another comment about the Tatton Park Rally is that our British
hosts literally rolled out the red carpet for our group, and even
had a special hospitality tent. Each of our visitors was given a
beautiful cast brass plaque commemorating our visit.

The previous Wednesday, June 23, we went to Andover to see John
Upton’s fine collection of engines. The Upton family fed our
entire group! John and his family have a huge collection of
engines, and several other engine and tractor collectors in the
area enhanced things even more. A special thanks also to John
Turner and his wife Sally, who assisted the Upton family in this
special showing.

Another significant showing was the Anson Museum in Poynton,
where we saw a huge collection of engines large and small, with
many of them in operation. These folks provided a wonderful
luncheon for our group, and the hospitality was second to none!

Although we could go on and on about what we saw while in
England, the one thing that stands out for ye olde Reflector is the
wonderful hospitality that was accorded to us wherever we went. Rob
Rushen-Smith and Jackie Coggan were our couriers, and they provided
a lot of information as we traveled. In all, we drove 1,553 miles
during our two-week stay.

Our thanks to each and every one of our British cousins who we
met during the tour!

And a footnote … there’s some work under way for a tour to
Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc. in 1994, and a return trip to
England in 1995. If you might be interested, kindly drop a line to
the GEM offices, telling them where you’d like to go, and what
you’d like to see.

Our queries begin with:

28/10/1 Shaw Tractor Q. See the photo of a Shaw
tractor; some of the patent dates are 1911. Can anyone give me
further information on this unit? Marvin Crom, 190530 Carter Canyon
Rd., Gering,NE 69341.

A. If you can be of help, kindly drop Marvin a
line or two.

28/10/2 Economy 5 HP Engine Q. Can anyone give
me an idea of the age of a 5 HP Economy engine, s/n 84148 ? Van T.
Hunn, 2202 San Ramon St., Arlington, TX 76013.

A. Probably about 1916. For further
information, see A History of Hercules by Glenn Karch, 20601 Old
State Rd., Haubstadt, IN 47639.

28/10/3 Unidentified Engine Q. Can anyone
identify the engine in the two photos? It is aluminum, of two cycle
design, and has some olive drab paint remaining. It uses a Carter
Model N carburetor, and a Wico P4643 magneto. The crankcase is
stamped U 5427, and the flywheel housing is stamped 60001. Any
information will be appreciated. David W. Phillips, 1503 N. Acres,
Little River, TX 76554.

 28/10/4 Information Needed Q. See Photo
4A of a Springfield mower Model 62 TE, serial number 2596, made by
Quick Mfg. Inc., Springfield, Ohio. Photo 4B shows a Row Buster,
serial number 8571, made by Carter Bros. Mfg. Co., Brundidge,
Alabama. I would like to hear from anyone having these garden
tractors, or having information on same. Bud Morrell, Rt. 2, Box
5026, Williston, FL 32696.

28/10/5 Lalley Light Q. See the photo of a
Lalley Light Plant with the following nameplate data: Type H, s/n
34725. The generator was made for Lalley by Robbins & Myers,
and is 1250 watts, 32 to 40 volts. I would appreciate hearing from
anyone having one of these light plants or information on same. Sam
Spencer, 1285A Lovett Rd., Orange Park, FL 32013.

28/10/6 From France Q. I am sure this is an
unusual letter, but I collect pictures and postcards of old U.S.
cars and trucks. Right now I have over 7,400 photos and over 850
postcards. I am looking to relate and trade photos and postcards
with people in the same hobby. Be sure that every letter will be
welcome. William Benoit, 19 Rue Israel Sylvestre, F 54000 NANCY,

A. If you can be of help to Mr. Benoit, drop
him a line!

28/10/7 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photos
of an unidentified engine. It has a speed reduction gear from
Fulton Engine Works, Los Angeles, California. Norm Wuytens, 4444
Brandt Rd., Brawley,CA92227.

A. Your engine is a Fairbanks-Morse Type T.

28/10/8 Unidentified Equipment Q. Can anyone
identify the pictured garden tractor! I can find no name on it. The
engine uses a Tillotson carburetor and appears to be set up for a
coil and battery ignition. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
Thomas E. Gipson, 202 Mary Sharp Drive, Decherd, TN 37324.-

28/10/9 Witte Engine Q. I need help with a 15
HP Witte engine with missing parts. If you can help, contact me.
Randy W. Gauny, 3401 Ave. R, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

28/10/10 IHC Wagon Q. I need information on an
International wooden wheel farm wagon. If you can help, contact:
Gerald C. Ehns, RR3, Box 3559, Fort Ann, NY 12827.

28/10/11 John Deere ‘L’ John Rasmussen,
6750 Rattalee Lake Road, Clarkson, MI 48348 has compiled a partial
list of John Deere unstyled Model L tractors. John will be
compiling a final list next summer, so if you have, or know of, any
unstyled Model L tractors, and would like to be included, please
send your information to John at the above address.

28/10/12 MBM Garden Tractor Stanley Schroeder,
Rt 2, Box 122, Bloomfield, NE 68718 forwards two photos of an MBM
tractor made at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has an air cooled engine
using a Model T Ford piston, rod, and carburetor. It appears to
have been green with red wheels. If anyone can provide Stan with
additional information on this unit, kindly contact him at the
above address.


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