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Although this is the November issue, the copy has to be
completed by September 1, and since we’re gone to the Midwest
Old Threshers Reunion at that time, this copy is being prepared in
late August. It seems hard to believe that by the time this copy is
in your hands, most of the engine shows will be history for another
year. Due to the floods and generally bad weather this summer, many
of the shows were completely rained out, or have suffered from low
attendance. After all, it’s not easy having fun at a show (or
anywhere else) when there’s a 5-6 inch rain in progress!

If you’re done showing engines for the year, we issue our
usual caveat: Have you completely drained all your engines? If not,
here’s a reminder.

We’re still in the afterglow of the two weeks spent in
England this summer on the Gas Engine Extravaganza. Granted, we saw
a lot more than rows and rows of engines, but truly, the Tatton
Park 1000 Engine Rally was one of the finest we’ve ever

Since we have a lot of mail this issue, we’ll get right to
it with:

28/11/1 Buckeye Oil Engine Q. On behalf of the
Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Inc., Georgetown, Ohio, I am seeking
information on a Buckeye Oil Engine. It is 90 horsepower, made by
Buckeye Machine Co., Lima, Ohio, and carries serial no. H-9214. It
is a single-cylinder, horizontal, two-cycle engine rated at 240
r.p.m.. A similar, two-cylinder engine is illustrated on page 71 of
American Gas Engines. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with
information on this engine. Mark L. Rembis, 2190
Buford-Bardwell Rd.,Mt.Orab, OH45154.

28/11/2 Oliver Colors Q. Can anyone provide the
correct color match for the early Oliver tractors? All the paints I
have found are for the late model tractors. Any information
will be appreciated. Doug Miller, 318 E. 650 N., West Lafayette, IN

A. This remains subject to discussion, although
some of the Oliver collectors seem to have some ideas of the
correct color match. At the moment, we don’t have this
information, but perhaps one or more of the Oliver collectors might
be able to help.

28/11/3 Unidentified Engine Q.  Can anyone
identify the engine in the below photos? It is about 3 horsepower.
Also, is there a serial number listing for the Hart-Parr tractors?
Ron Beddome, Box 20034, Brandon South P.O., Brandon, Man.,
R7A6V8 Canada.

A. Your engine is a Sandwich, made at Sandwich,
Illinois. The flywheels are unique for a Sandwich, but the frame
appears to be virtually identical to that used on the earlier
models. A listing of Hart-Parr and Oliver serial numbers is within
the new title, The Oliver Hart-Parr Story.

28/11/4 Ultimotor Q. I have obtained an
Ultimotor engine made by Uebelhofer Bros., Buffalo, New York. It
has an internal mechanism for the governor. However, the external
mechanism to the carburetor is missing. I would like to hear from
someone who might provide information, photos, etc. so that I can
fabricate new parts. Clement D. Steele, 4815 Telegraph Road,
Elkton, MD 21921.

28/11/5 Thanks! To Arthur Smith of England,
Gerco vanDijk of the Netherlands and Fred Schultz of Australia for
their help with finding information on the Villiers engine. Dan
Eichbrecht, 2260 UC George, Metamora, MI 48455.

28/11/6 Page Garden Tractor Q. See the two
photos of my Page Z models garden tractor. It is powered by a
Wisconsin (1947) AB engine which is not shown here. I would
appreciate any information on this tractor and its implements.
Roger Goetzke, 5193W. Jerelyn Place, Milwaukee,

28/11/7 IHC Hay Press Q. Can anyone provide
serial number information on the IHC Model M hay press built from
1919 to 1948? Mine has a number of 1P7611M. Through part number
dating I have placed it at circa 1924. IHC made a lot of these
presses in their Springfield, Ohio, plant. Can anyone help?
Richard Pinged, RR 1, Box 153, Pittsboro, IN 46167.

A. So far as we know, no serial number
information exists in a tabulated form. Occasionally, IHC parts
books include a certain amount of this information, but we have
none of these. Is there anyone out there who might know?

28/11/8 T. L. Smith Engine Q. I have a T. L.
Smith engine, no. 57222, 5 HP, 450 r.p.m.. It has a Milwaukee
address on it. Can anyone tell me about this engine or provide any
information? John A. Lincoln, 210 S. James St., Box 642,
Standish, Ml 48658-0642.

A. We have nothing on this engine. Does

28/11/9 Stover Engine Q. I have a Stover
engine, 8 HP, no. 71711, and would like to know when it was built,
the proper color, etc. Bailey Wilkins, Rt 2, Box 397, Amherst,
VA 24521.

A. Your engine was likely a deep red, similar
to PPG71965. Yours is a 1915 model.

28/11/10 Ideal Engine Q. I have an Ideal engine
as shown on page 239 of American Gas Engines. It is 4 HP, Type M,
as sold by Standard Scale & Supply (SSS), s/n 15031. Is there a
way to determine its age, and is there a source for information on
this engine?

I also have an IHC Victor 4 HP engine, s/n SF389. When was it

I also have a 6 HP hopper cooled Badger side shaft with no
nameplate. Is there a way to tell whether it was built by C. P.
& J. Lauson or by Christensen Engineering? Howard
Kattelson, Box 722, Elizabeth, MN 56537.

A. To our knowledge, there is no precise method
of determining the age of the Ideal. The Victor was built in 1912.
We would suggest comparing the illustrations given under the
appropriate headings in American Gas Engines.

28/11/11 Lauson Engine Q. My name is Zachary
and I am almost ten years old. My dad just got a Lauson 1 HP
kick-start engine. It needs a flywheel. If anyone can give us some
info about this type of engine we would appreciate it. It is a Type
ROY 823 with serial #9632. I have a Massey-Ferguson ride-on
tractor. Thank you for your help. Zachary Schaff, 7585
Sombrilla, Atascadero, CA 93422.

A. Can anyone be of help?

28/11/12 Wonder Marine Engine Q. I own a 3 HP
Wonder engine by R.M. Cornwell, and as described in American Gas
Engines. I have begun gathering information on this company and
would like to hear from anyone with information. All responses will
be gratefully acknowledged, and postage returned. Frank E.
Philpitt, 20 Buckner Ave., Hicksville, NY 11801.

28/11/13 Weber Engine Q. Can anyone supply any
information on the Weber engine shown in the photos? I would like
to hear from anyone owning one of these engines, or who could
supply information, such as its age and horsepower rating. J.
A. Meeker, PO Box 981, Nelson, BC VIL 6A5 Canada

28/11/14 Utilimotor Q. I am restoring a
Utilimotor, made by Johnson Motor Co., Waukegan, Illinois, s/n
U9880. The magneto is a Wico Type F. I would like to hear from
anyone who has a complete engine or information on same, as I am
missing some parts. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Frank Kolling, 2339 Fairgreen Ave., Monrovia, CA

28/11/15 Briggs & Stratton Q. I have a
Briggs & Stratton FH that I restored but I cannot make it run.
I completely disassembled it and installed new rings. The other
parts I had to acquire were the intake manifold tube and breather
tube assembly. The fuel pickup tube and check valve works properly,
and it has excellent spark. I lapped the valves and honed the bore.
It has good compression and the intake valve flutters open on the
intake stroke, also the intake valve was set for proper clearance,
and the timing was set properly, all according to the manual.

Now when I add some fuel to the cylinder through the exhaust
port it will fire three or four licks but that’s all. I’ve
tried all kinds of needle valve adjustments, but to no avail.
I’ve had ‘experts’ try it… no help. I’m really
stumped as to what to do. I even sent the carb to someone to try on
their FH and it worked fine. Robert A. LeBaron, 5801 E. 5th
St., Tucson, AZ 85711.

A. We surely don’t have any wisdom to offer
. . . after all, we one time had an engine that refused to run, and
after several days of on-and-off puttering, we discovered that some
sort of spider had built this wonderfully tight web up in the
mixer. It was the world’s greatest piece of screen, and
effectively filtered out all the fuel, so that the engine got
little more than some air. After poking this stuff out with a bent
wire, the engine ran fine. Can anyone provide some ideas?

28/11/16 IHC Mogul Q. What is the color of an
IHC Mogwl engine? Howard T. Ecdahl, 1768 NW Lemans St.,
Roseburg, OR 97470.

A. DuPont 93-29709-H Olive Green.

28/11/17 Witte Engine Q. What is the year built
of a Witte engine, s/n 12463? Also, thanks to everyone who
responded about my Foos Jr. engines. Zack Nagel, 9176 S. County Rd
380 W., Res-selaer, IN 47978.

A. Your 4 HP Witte was built in 1914.

28/11/18 Otto Engine Q. I am interested m
obtaining more information on the Otto engine as pictured in the
book Classic American Farm Engines. Any information will be
appreciated. Bert E. Forsman,4537-14th Ave So., Seattle, WA

A. Your request has been turned over to the
engine’s owner.

28/11/19 Unknown Rotary Tiller Q. See the photo
of an unidentified tiller, purchased by the U. S. Army, Navy Yard
#2703595, Mfg # B13 1783 74, purchased in 1944 for a cost of $502.
It has a number painted on it of 56-04770. Can anyone identify this

Also, does anyone have information on old Howard Roto-Hoes? I
have five different models ranging from an old one-cylinder J.A.P.
to the large 30-inch 2 cylinder Quates engines. I’m looking for
repro-decals, color paint codes, manuals, information, etc.
Mark Majerk, 152 Towne Terrace #4, Los Gatos, CA

28/11/20 Starbuck Steam Engine Q. I am doing
research on a brick and ceramic company here in Glens Falls, New
York. According to the records the factory had a Starbuck
stationary steam engine and brick making machinery. Where can I get
information and photos of this engine? Any help would be
appreciated. Alton A. DuBois Jr., 67 Peggy Ann Rd., Queensbury, NY

A. Can anyone provide information on this

28/11/21 Some Questions Q. I’m restoring a
J. I. Case VAC tractor #4927043 for our local museum, and am having
more problems than bargained for. It has a rod through the wall and
it took me four months to find a piston to fit a 3-inch bore, which
no one had ever heard of in a VAC, since 3 inch is usual. I need
information on this rare bird, plus some parts, so would appreciate
hearing from anyone who could help.

Also see the photo of a Sidney (1910) ‘Famous’
woodworking machine (table saw, jointer, handsaw, shaper, boring
machine). Any information will be appreciated. Glenn W.
McMaster, 1607 W Elm St., Lodi,CA 95242.

28/11/22 Ideal Mower Q. See the photos of an
Ideal Power Lawn mower, as built at Lansing, Michigan. Does anyone
have any information on these? The photos represent a Model R, s/n
X294O3. It is missing what I believe should be a reel-type mower in
front, but it is otherwise complete with roller, magneto, and
oiler. I believe it came from a lawn bowling club in Scarborough,
Ontario. I believe the paint (green and red) is original. The
air-cooled motor is in excellent shape. Doug Turner, RR 1, Ashburn,
ONTLOB 1A0 Canada.


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