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Mr. Wendel is guiding his tour in Australia this month, but we
want our readers to get attention to their questions, so we will
rely heavily on our many experts out there to help us.

We might also take this opportunity to say that we are now
receiving more questions than ever, via the handy use of e-mail. In
fact, we receive several each day, and often have a hard time
keeping up with the demand since we are generally involved in the
various tasks of publishing magazines. So, if you are one of our
internet questioners, please be patient with us sometimes it takes
awhile for us to find your answers. We do have a lot of great
resources in our office, but sometimes the books simply don’t
have the right answers in them! There’s also the possibility
that a request has the appearance of ‘junk mail,’ when it
comes in via e-mail. It is helpful if you identify an engine or
tractor name in your ‘re’ space, so we don’t assume
that you’re sending one of the daily low-cost mortgage requests
we get!

And we shall begin with:

36/5/1 Kohler Power Plant Q. I am trying to
repair an old Kohler power plant. Can anyone tell me where to find
a model number? It has a four cylinder inline valve in head engine.
The head is 12 inches long; piston is two inches in diameter.
Crankshaft goes all the way through the arm of the generator. Thank
you. Jim Kountz, HCR 271-2017, Glasgow, MT 59230.

36/5/2 Stover, Novo Engines Q. Harvey D. Cain
of 70621 M-62 S., Edwardsburg, MI 49112 sent us several pictures of
his engines, with the following questions and comments.

36/5/2A is a Stover KE 850. I need a conversion kit for 859. Any
help? This engine was built by Stover Engine Works for Brackett,
Shaw & hunt Co. of Southworth, New Hampshire and Boston,

36/5/2B, a Novo, is serial number 41720. It is all original
except the cart and was a junkyard special.

36/5/2C, D and E are of another Stover, with a name tag saying
CT2, sn273557. All parts have an ‘I’ on them. Note in
36/5/2D the gib key puller that I made from the original, that has
been in use for three generations. 36/5/2C is the way the engine
looked when I got it on a cement mixer I sanded the flywheel.
36/5/2E shows that ‘Freeport, Ill’ is printed on the

36/5/3 Easy Washing Machine Engine Q. I am
interested in the history of the Easy Washing Machine engine. This
engine was used on the Easy washing machine which was manufactured
in Syracuse, NY. Can you or one of the GEM readers help out? Harley
Collins, 2540 Fox Road, Bath, PA 18014.

A. We got some great help on this one from
Onondaga Historical Association in Syracuse. See the end of
Reflections for the whole story!

36/5/4 Coleman Bros. Engine? Q. Here are
pictures of an engine I bought last summer. Cast in the water
hopper is Coleman Bros. Mfg. Co., New Albany IN. There is no tag or
serial number.

This engine is a headless design, throttling governor, with
brass carb, brass flywheel, brass crankcase cover, estimated horse.
Does anyone have any information about the company or this engine?
Are there more of these engines around? I would like to hear from
you. Merlin Yoder, 25115 CR 54, Nappanee, IN 46550.

36/5/5 Witte Year, Color Q. I have a Witte 6
HP, serial #82551, 480 rpm. I would like to know the year of
manufacture and color. Ray LeClair, P.O. Box 389, Winchendon,

A. Wendel’s Notebook indicates that engines
numbered 76401 to 83160 were manufactured in 1928, so that’s
where we’d date yours. For black engines, Dupont 99 is listed;
for forest green (gas engines), Dupont 5204 is indicated.

36/5/6 F-M Dishpan Color Needed Q. I am
realizing my dream and rebuilding my first engine, a F/M 1 HP
Dishpan. I have dissembled it and had the paint removed by a
machine shop. I am now in need of some suggestions on painting. I
have read rebuild articles in GEM about using primers (acid
etching?), various paints and clearcoats. Any thoughts on a
specific color, brand preference? The engine will be primarily used
for show, but will be run. I prefer to use spray aerosol cans.
Thanks! Joseph M. Palmer, 356 W. Cardinal St., Wheeling, WV 26003.

36/5/7 Roberts, Pacific Pumper Q. Here are five
pictures of two different engines.

First, the Roberts engine (36/5/7A and 36/5/7B). It is a model
M, 5 HP, No. 850, made in Sandusky, Ohio, six miles from my home. I
believe it is complete except I am missing the mixer for
carburetion. What kind did it take? Also, is it missing part of the
ignition on top of the fiber commutor? What color and what year is

The Pacific Pumper engine needs a starter. Who made this engine?
Maybe an Austin? What was this used for? I was told it could be a
firefighting pump on a ship. It has a two inch pump mounted on the
rear with a separate belt driven water pump. What year would this
model U serial 5015 be? I am new at this engine collecting and
restoring hobby. Any information would be of great help. Robert
Dahs, 4814 Delematre Rd., Monroeville, OH 44847; phone


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