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25/5/14 Massey-Harris Tractors Thanks to Fred
W. Wolfe, 3791 Tollakson Rd., South Wayne, WI 53587. He sends along
five photos of his Massey-Harris collection. The 101 Jr. is a 1943
model; the 30 is from 1950; the 33 was made in 1954; and the 333 is
a 1956 model. Also shown is a Model 15 Massey-Harris manure

25/5/15 Amigo Lawn Tractor William W. Cooley,
511 East St., Colon, MI 49040 sends along two photos of an Amigo
lawn tractor he is now restoring. It is s/n 100 and was built by
Demco in Dowagiac, Michigan. This tractor is unique in that it has
a live up to shaft on the rear, and also a live up to pulley on the
bottom of the transmission; it runs the mower deck. The mower has
two blades that are timed with chain drive. Any additional
information on this tractor would be greatly appreciated.

25/5/16 Novo Pumping Outfit Q. See the photo of
a Novo Pumping Outfit. The nameplate gives the pump capacity of 175
gpm, but the areas for the engine data have been left blank, or
have been struck out. With the 2-inch water lines, what might the
horsepower be? Also what might be the age of this engine? Any
assistance will be appreciated. Les Morgan, 3045 Crestview
Drive South, Salem, OR 97302.

A. Ye olde Reflector once owned one of these
outfits. Although it ran all right, we never got around to setting
up a bilge tank, hoses, etc. to use it for a demonstration at
shows. Finally, we traded it somewhere or other on something else.
We would guess it to be about 3 or 4 horsepower, and suppose that
Novo built these during the 1930s.

25/5/17 Foos Jr. Engine Q. I own a Foos Jr.
engine as illustrated on page 179 of American Gas Engines, except
that the lubricator is under the fuel tank, not behind, and there
is not a handle in the flywheel, and no splashguard. The bore and
stroke is 5 3/4 x 7 inches, the flywheels are
35 x 21/4 inches, and the engine number is
30075. The color is mid-green over gray; the gray may be an
undercoat . Can anyone tell me the year built, the proper rpm, and
is the green color correct? A lot of engines were copied here in
Australia, both under license and pirated, although I don’t
think this happened with Foos, as they apparently had agents here.
Dennis E. Spark, PO Box 19, Goomalling, 6460, West

A. We would think the green finish is probably
original. We have no data giving the year built, or the other
information needed. If anyone can supply same, please contact Mr.

25/5/18 Woodpecker Engine Dave Boyer, 8438
Edge-wood Church Rd., Frederick, MD 21701 has recently acquired a
Woodpecker 4 HP engine and needs information regarding the color
scheme, availability of factory trucks, and the like. He reports
that he has seen several of these engines, but all with different
color schemes. If any one can supply the correct information, get
in touch with Dave at the above address.

25/5/19 Lennox Engine Melvin Russell, RR 1, Box
473, Almond, WI 54909 has a Lennox gas engine, s/n 697. These
engines were made at Marshalltown, Iowa. If anyone can supply any
information on this engine, including the color scheme, please
contact Mr. Russell.

25/5/20 Unidentified Tractor Q. What is the
make of the tractor in the accompanying photo? It has a
one-cylinder engine and was originally equipped with steel wheels.
Any information will be appreciated. Lloyd A. Merchant, 4310
Smith Road, Dimon-dale, MI 48821.

25/5/21 Schramm Compressor Q. See the photo of
a Schramm engine/compressor combination. As it is missing- some
parts, photos and/or dimensions of the governor weights, rocker
arms, mixer, and ignition would be most helpful to me. Earl
Bower, 1617 Douglas, Bellingham, WA 98225.

25/5/22 IHC Information Q. I need service
information on a McCormick-Deering 11/2 HP Type M engine, the IHC
LB engine, and the John Deere 11/2 HP engine.
Rick Petersen, PO Box 56, Spring Park, MN 55384.

A. Some of the GEM advertisers regularly carry
reprint literature of this sort in stock. Manuals should be
available for all of the engines you mentioned.

25/5/23 Simplex Engine Q. I am restoring a 10
hp Simplex gas engine built by Oil Well Supply Co., Oil City,
Pennsylvania. Information is also needed on a Buffalo Type DE
engine manufactured by Buffalo Gasolene Motor Company, Buffalo, New
York. Also, what is the proper color of the Empire grain drill?
Michael Lander, 62 Lander Drive, Lucinda, PA 16235.

25/5/24 Case Power Unit Q. Does anyone have any
information on the Case air-cooled power unit that looks similar to
the Case VAC tractor engine? Dan Peterman, RR 2, Box 61,
Webster City, IA 50595.

25/5/25 Several QuestionsBrian W. Keis,
33357 Townshipline Road, RR 1, Matsqui, BC, Canada V0X 1S0
submits several tractor questions:

1) In 1984 and 1985 I wrote GEM regarding an R&P tractor we
had ac-quired. The only answer I received was from Brian Batchelor
at North Canterbury, New Zealand. Apparently there are a couple of
R&P tractors down there, but so far we have never heard of
another one in North America. Might any of our readers have any
information on these tractors?

2) At what serial numbers did the 12-25 TS Titan become re-rated
up to 15-30? I think it was approximately between No. 195 and No.
220. Also in 150 Years of International Harvester it is noted that
376 of the TW 15-30 Titan tractors were built. Perhaps this should
be changed to indicate more than this because the serial numbers
run from 101 to 896.

3) Regarding the 8-16 IHC Mogul, the above book notes that they
were numbered to 15,000. Another list shows them numbered only to
14,565. Is there an explanation to this discrepancy?

4) I have a 10-20 Titan, s/n 20267 that was originally painted
the dark green color instead of gray. Might this be original, or an
after market paint job?

5) Does the 25-45 IHC Mogul tractor use a battery and coil for
starting when using the starting engine? Also, the fibre pulley is
deteriorated. What can be used to replace it ?

6) What is the proper color of green for the 45 Mogul?

7) Did the 45 Mogul tractors have side curtains on the engine
canopy, or just on the cab openings?

Thanks in advance for any and all information to the above

A. Several interesting questions are raised,
and we would like to comment on one in particular. Ten years ago,
when we were researching the above-noted book, we were in the IH
Archives in Chicago (long since closed down we believe). Anyway, if
memory serves correctly, the serial number data and production data
was derived from records within the archives. Although certain
blocks of numbers were issued, they were not always used up
entirely, depending in part on the whims of company management.
Thus, a block of say 1,000 numbers might have been set aside for a
certain tractor, yet of that number, perhaps only 200 or 300
tractors were built. Thus, to now take this block of numbers at
face value would give an incorrect picture of the actual
production. Compounding the problem, we found certain
inconsistencies within the company’s own records, and have
concluded that if there were problems with the original materials,
it is now an impossibility to know exactly what happened.

Readers Write

Avery Tractors The beautifully restored Avery
tractor on a recent GEM cover caught my eye, and prompts me to ask
if anyone contemplates a history of Avery Company in Peoria,
Illinois and B.F. Avery at Louisville, Kentucky.

The article on page 17 regarding the Associated
3/4 hp Pony engine prompts a response. At one
time I owned one of these. It was mounted on a cast iron base with
four arms sticking out to attach to a washing machine. It ran nice
and started easy. It was painted a shade of blue. Edwin Bredemeier,
RR 1, Box 13, Steinauer, NE 68441.

Popular Mechanics Ads Thanks to Don Green, PO
Box 356, Grapeview, WA 98546 for sending along some photocopies of
a 1912 Popular Mechanics ad section. There are some interesting
engine advertisements!

Reo Lawn Mower Engines Thanks to Melvin E.
Riehl, PO Box 162, Strausstown, PA 19559 for sending photocopies of
the Reo Production Summaries.

Acme-Jones Engine Last June I asked for some
information on a 20 hp Acme-Jones engine. The response was great!
Now I would like to say Thank You to everyone for their help.

One question: Does anyone make a nameplate for the Majestic and
also the large plate for the 6 hp IHC Type M engine? Arvin Teige,
RR 2, Shevlin, MN 56676.

Steering Wheel Restoration Sometime ago the
question was raised of whether anyone could restore old steering
wheels. Ed Sauter, Box 68, Carson, ND 58529 notes that Minn-Kota
Repair, RR 1, Box 99, Milbank, SD 57252 is able to do the job.

A Closing Word

With the coming of another show season, remember to be careful!
Over the past few years we have seen photos and read articles right
here in GEM regarding some real horror stories! Watch for loose
clothing that can get caught or wrapped on a protruding key. Keep a
fire extinguisher handy. Put gasoline only in approved containers,
and above all, never use glass jugs. Don’t leave your engines
unattended; to do so invites trouble. Use care when loading and
unloading, and keep your fingers out of places they shouldn’t
be. An engine dropping down on your finger will mash it like a fly

If cranking an engine by the flywheel rims, be sure there is
plenty of room for your hands on the back side of the wheel. This
writer once tore up a finger very badly when trying to start an
R&V Triumph engine that way. The stud that carries the first
rocker arm is very close to the flywheel, and there isn’t room
between it and the flywheel for four fingers. Take my word for

The purpose of the Reflections column is to provide a forum for
the exchange of all useful information among subscribers to GEM.
Inquiries or responses should be addressed to: REFLECTIONS, Gas
Engine Magazine, P.O. Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.


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