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38/3/4A:Unidentified engine.
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38/3/4C:Unidentified engine, valve train and ignition components clearly visible.
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38/3/4B:Unidentified engine, flywheel side.
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38/3/9: Is this a Canadian-built Fuller & Johnson?
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38/3/5: Ideal Model V.
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38/3/8A: Holland engine with new gas tank.
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38/3/7: Perrin tractor.
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38/3/8B: Flywheel side of Holland engine.

A Brief Word

38/3/4: Unidentified Engine Q: I hope someone can help me identify this engine so that I can find parts. The engine base measures 10-5/8 inches by 7-5/8 inches and it’s 15-3/4 inches tall from the base to the top of the head (17-1/4 inches from the base to top of rocker arm). It’s 15 inches wide, the flywheel is 9-3/4 inches in diameter with l-l/2-inch wide belt groove. It has a bore 2.125 inches and a stroke of 2.2 inches. The threads on bolts and studs are SAE, but the bolt heads and nuts are metric.

The only markings I can find are stamped on the block or frame are ‘J2666.’ The only parts that I am missing are the carburetor and gas tank and the ignition. I would appreciate any information on this interesting little engine. Marty Lukonen, 5724 4th Ave. S.W., Watertown, SD 57201, (605) 886-4242.

A: We don’t recognize the engine, but perhaps one of our readers might. It’s possible the bolt heads are British Whitworth, not metric, which could suggest the origin of the engine. Some Whitworth threads are comparable to SAE, while the heads will accept metric-sized wrenches because of their odd (to U.S. standards) size.

38/3/5: Ideal Model V

I’m sending along a photo of an Ideal engine Model V made in Lansing, Mich. The bore and stroke is 2-3/4 inches by 3 inches, and the magneto is inside the aluminum flywheel.

I’m looking for information as to age, color, how the governor works, how the carburetor mounts to the engine, what the air cleaner and fan look like, etc. If anyone has a manual or parts layout on the Model V Ideal I would be happy to pay for the cost of copying it. Bill Kilpatrick, 3758 State St. Road, Bay City, MI 48706.

38/3/6: American Gas Engine Q: I’m wondering if someone can help with an engine I have. It’s approximately 5 HP and runs well. I can’t find any reference for it, but the parts numbers on it are the same, it seems, as Jaeger engines. It shows serial number 324595, rpm 425, 5 HP. Dale Scribner, N4556 Tozer Lake Road, Spooner, WI 54801, (715) 635-9241.

38/3/6B: Hopper and Wico EK magneto on American engine.

A: Your engine is actually a Hercules-built Model S, manufactured in 1925. Hercules manufactured engines for a number of different companies, Jaeger among them. We’re guessing American was a jobber that sourced engines from Hercules.

38/3/7: Perrin Tractor

We have had this tractor in the family since 1957 and I am currently rebuilding it. Over the years it was modified somewhat, and I am attempting to put it back into original condition. I would like some photos and information on Perrin tractors showing what they looked like as originally built. It has a Wisconsin AEH engine, 1932 Ford Model B brakes, I believe a Ford Model A transmission and differential, and enclosed chain drive to the 16-inch rear wheels. Any information on this or other Perrin tractors would be appreciated. Craig Goring, 620 Warbass Way, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-5793, or e-mail:

38/3/8: Holland Engine

I need some help. I went to an auction and bought an engine, but I cannot seem to find any information on it. It is called the Holland engine and was made in Holland, Mich. It is a 4 HP, 450-950 rpm, serial number 1263. All I know is that it has a Model T carburetor (I think it’s the style used on the Model T in 1917), rod and piston. It is an upright with a gas tank on one side and a radiator on the other side. It hadn’t run in over 60 years and with a little effort I did get it running. I still have some minor things to do to get it running smoothly.

The old gas tank was completely rusted out and John Wanat made a new one to the specifications of the old tank. I have yet to replace the fan belt from the flywheel to the fan. I also have to replace the exhaust, and I have no idea what the original is supposed to be. I would appreciate any help or information anyone might be able to give me. Paul Voss, 14242 Carol St., Holland, Ml 49424, (616) 738-0169.

38/3/9: Fuller & Johnson?

I bought an engine at the Dublin, N.H. show in September. It is obviously a variation of a Fuller & Johnson, but with some features I have not seen before, namely: a fluted hopper opening, billet crankshaft, two-piece riveted sheet-metal gear guard, and all parts have casting numbers that begin with 4N. There are no holes for a tag, but according to Fuller & Johnson specification lists my engine is a 5 HP.

It was found in Ontario, Canada, and may be a Canadian-piece-built under license. Are there any others out there in engine land? I would appreciate any information. Dan West, 167 Cushing Road, Friendship, ME 04547, (207) 832-5318, or e-mail:

38/3/10: Running on Propane

I want to fire a small two-inch bore by two-inch stroke hit-and-miss engine with propane. Where can I get a diaphragm-type valve that operates in the intake ports? I am not sure, but I think when the diaphragm senses a vacuum a valve opens and lets gas in. Warren Fricken, 3827 P Road, Damar, KS 67632-9609.

38/3/11: Witte Diesel Q: I recently purchased a 5 HP Witte diesel, serial number D-168. As I understand it this engine was manufactured as a 6 HP horizontal and converted to a 5 HP horizontal. I would like to know what year it is, the paint code and possibly see a picture. I’ve heard there were pictures of the horizontal Witte diesel on page 6 of the November/December 1977 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, which I do not have. Ronald L. McWhorter, 14934 Old Colonial Road, Bloomington, IL 61704-5979, (309) 828-4740.

A: According to Wendel’s Notebook, your Witte was made in 1935. Wendel’s Notebook lists two possible colors, either DuPont Gray 45297 (crosses to Ditzler 32711) or DuPont Embassy Gray 29547 (crosses to Ditzler 33296). There is indeed a picture of a Witte horizontal diesel on page 6 of the November/December 1977 GEM, but it’s a 12 HP engine. Don’t forget that selected back issues of GEM, including the November/December 1977 issue, are available for $5. You can call (800) 678-4883 to see if the issue you want is in stock.

C. H. Wendel is a noted authority on antique engines and tractors. His books constitute a vital reference resource for collectors and hobbyists. If you have a query for C. H. Wendel, send it along to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265.

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