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38/6/8: Unidentified two-cylinder engine paired to Onan generator.
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38/6/7: 1-1/2 HP C.S. Judson made by Stover.
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38/6/1 A: Air-cooled Novo.
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38/6/1B: Air-cooled Novo
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38/6/2: Unidentified rototiller.
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38/6/1C: Novo nameplate.
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38/6/4A: Gray engine.
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38/6/4B: Gray engine.
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38/6/3: Unidentified engine.
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38/6/6: 1930 1-1/2 HP Sterling built by Witte.

38/6/1: Query of the Month -Air-Cooled Novo

A picture on page 352 of C.H. Wendel’s American Gasoline
Engines Since 1872
shows a Novo air-cooled engine identical to
one I own. Wendel notes in his book that, ‘Little is known of
this 1940ish Novo air-cooled engine.’ My engine came from a
factory surplus sale in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The engine is crank start and is equipped with an American Bosch
magneto, a Zenith carburetor and has a 3-1/4-inch bore and 4-inch
stroke. This original Novo starts easily and runs well. It is still
coupled to its original pump and is on its original two-wheeled
cart. I would like to find original sales literature, dates of
manufacture and horsepower ratings. Any information would be
greatly appreciated, and I will return postage on any
correspondence. Garry Wilson, 70 Ward Cemetery Road, Corbin, KY
40701, (606) 528-4740.

38/6/2: Unidentified Rototiller

I recently acquired this rototiller, but there is no name on it.
Can anyone tell me who made it and when? Keep up the good work.
Ralph Davis, P.O. Box 2, Macfarlan, WV 26148.

38/6/3: Unidentified Engine

I’ve worn out two photos passing them around at shows and
swap meets trying to identify this engine, but with no success to
date. I think perhaps I should have done what I’m doing now,

There are no numbers or letters cast or stamped on the engine. I
suspect from the way the cooling fan is set up it may have been
used in an automobile. I would appreciate any and all info I can
get on this engine.

Keep the magazine coming – it’s the highlight of the month
in our house. John Popovich, 1507 102nd Ave. W., Duluth, MN 55808,
(218) 626-1043.

38/6/4: Gray Engine, Part One

I have a small hit-and-miss engine that I am having trouble
finding very much information about. I have determined that it is a
Gray engine. The only markings I can find are ‘1H2’ on the
head and ‘1.4.871’ on the top edge of the head. It has a
3-inch bore and a 3-1/2-inch stroke. Any information anyone has
would be greatly appreciated. R.J. Duckwall, 1600 Trio Lane, Ponca
City, OK 74604.

38/6/5: Gray Engine, Part Two: Q: I recently
purchased a 5 HP Gray Motor Co. engine manufactured in Detroit,
Wis. I am looking for any information, especially the correct color
for these engines. I’m also searching for information and color
on a 700 HP Joy engine. Joseph Lenahan Jr., 15 Pine Ledge Dr.,
Oxford, CT 06478, (203)-735-3564.

A: The only color reference we can find for
Gray engines built by Gray Motor Co. is in Wendel’s
DuPont RS903 red is listed for stationary engines
and DuPont DS017 gray is listed for marine engines. We have no
information on the Joy engine.

38/6/6: Sterling Engine Q: I have a Sterling
1-1/2 HP hit-and-miss engine. I know that this engine is rare and I
am having problems finding the year it was made.

The serial number is 88844 and the tag states, ‘Sterling
Machinery Corporation, Kansas City.’ Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Matt Fissel, 2811 Whitney Lane, Hebron, KY 41048, or

A: We contacted our Kansas City engine man, Ted
Brookover, thinking he might know something about your engine, and
indeed he did. According to Ted, your engine is actually a Witte
built under contract. Ted notes there’s a major street in
Independence (a suburb of Kansas City) by that name where there was
once a great deal of industry. If it is a Witte, your serial number
would make it of 1930 vintage.

38/6/7: Judson Engine Q: I am interested in
finding information on a C.S. Judson Co. 1-1/2 HP engine made in
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I’m interested in decals for the
engine and/or a photograph of the decal. Thomas Bond, 9164 N. Round
Barn Road, Fountain City, IN 47341, or e-mail:

A: Your engine is actually a Stover Style K
made by Stover Manufacturing & Engine Co., Freeport, Ill. C.S.
Judson was evidently a mail order company, and it appears Stover
supplied most of their engines. The only reference we could find
for a decal was a 1913 4-1/2 HP C.S. Judson featured in the
February 1986 issue of GEM. However, the decal on the 4-1/2 HP
engine, while oval, has a horizontal orientation, while yours
appears to be vertically inclined.

38/6/8: Onan Generator

I’d like to get some information on this unit, as I
don’t know what kind of engine this is. It’s two-cylinder,
water-cooled, and the only markings I can find on the engine are;
W2C 12004 1942. The Onan generator is a Model W3M, serial number
13-53724, 115 volts, 3,000 watts. It looks like it was definitely
made for this engine, or perhaps it was the other way around. One
person thought the engine looked like a Buda.

I’d be interested in any manuals, parts, etc., on both the
engine and the generator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ronald W. Ebright, 10595 Heeter Road, Brookville, OH

38/6/9: Associated

I need info on an Associated 3/4 HP engine, serial number 20105.
I picked it up at a local flea market in exchange for a Maytag twin
and $100. I need to know how to tell it from a Pony or a Chore Boy.
Does anybody have parts for the thing? A gasket set would be a nice
start. Also, the starter bracket is missing but the belt is there
and handle is complete. Daniel P. Blews, 200 Conkle Ave., New
Castle, PA 16101.

38/6/10: 150 Years of J.I. Case Q: I would like
to know if you have, or know where I can get, a copy of
Wendel’s book 150 years of J.I. Case. I’ve heard
it’s out of print, and I didn’t get it before because I
didn’t have a Case tractor.

About five years ago a good friend started to restore his BT
Case Model C. He got about half done and passed away. A year ago
his son asked me if I wanted it. He can’t finish it, so now I
have a Case tractor and would like to learn more about Case. Keep
up the great job on Reflections. Edward J. Treso, 3428 E.
Dodge Road, Clio, MI 48420.

A: Unfortunately, you’ve heard correctly.
The book is indeed out of print, and we haven’t been able to
find anyone who has a copy for sale, even on eBay. Perhaps one of
our readers knows better and can point you to a source.

38/6/11: Delco Generator

I have an old Delcolite generator that I am trying to find
information on. It is a 4-B-12, 400 watt, 12-volt generator, serial
number 41500. It is mounted in a wooden box (with cover) that looks
like it might be original equipment. There are two wood handles
that slide onto clips on either side for carrying the unit (one
person in front and one in back). I’m not sure if it was
military or not. It is a complete unit, although I have not tried
to run it yet. The gas smells old and I am waiting for this Maine
weather to warm up so I can try to get it running.

It has a unique carburetor system; a tube runs across the top of
the engine, and the butterfly is located near the end of the tube.
I would appreciate any info or links to other places where I may be
able to find information on this. Gene Giddings, e-mail at: gene

C.H. Wendel is a noted authority on antique engines and
tractors. His books constitute a vital reference resource for
collectors and hobbyists. If you have a query for C.H. Wendel, send
it along to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 S.W. 42nd St.,Topeka, KS

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