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37/7/3A: PFAU compressor, original use unknown.
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37/7/2: Dixie magneto from a Cushman Model C.
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37/7/3B: PFAU compressor.
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37/7/4B: Water hopper cover for 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse.
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37/7/4A: Fairbanks-Morse 1-1/2 HP with bolt-on pump jack.

A Brief Word

It’s my unfortunate duty to let everyone in the old iron
community know that on May 3 C.H. Wendel suffered a stroke.

Many of you know that Charles works in the construction trade in
his hometown of Amana, Iowa. His stroke evidently occurred while he
was heading to work that morning. Charles didn’t realize he was
having a stroke, but he knew something wasn’t quite right. He
got himself to the hospital in short order, and it’s a good
thing he did.

His condition was diagnosed quickly, and he was taken into a
doctor’s care. At this writing Charles is still in the hospital
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but indications are he’ll be back home
by the time this issue gets to readers.

The good news is Charles is an ornery cuss, and more than
anything he’s angry at having to suffer the indignity of such
an affliction. The bad news is he has suffered some loss of feeling
on his left side, and it will be a while before we know his
prospects for a full recovery.

Now, I don’t have Charles’ breadth or depth of knowledge
about gas engines and tractors, but I feel strongly his column
should continue in his absence. As such, I’m going to continue
to run your letters and questions to Charles, and I’ll answer
them to the best of my ability. But in large measure I’m
counting on all of you who can answer readers’ questions to
contact people who write in and help them fill in the missing
pieces. In the meantime, let’s all wish him a speedy and
complete recovery. Richard Backus Editor/Gas Engine

37/7/1: 2 HP Witte Q: Kevin McWhorter, 32391
Olympia Rd., Minier, IL 61759, writes in: I recently acquired a 2
HP Witte built in Kansas City, Mo. This engine has a serial number
of B25402. Would you please inform me of the year built?

A: According to Wendel’s Notebook, your
Witte was built in 1925, and its serial number would place it in
mid-production for that year.

37/7/2: Cushman Model C I have a Cushman Model
C engine that has been stored for 60 years. It came on a 200 gallon
orchard sprayer (Bean or Hardie). The engine seems to be in good
condition, but the mag points are missing, as is the hand

The engine serial number is 41686 and the mag is a Dixie Model
601. I think the engine was made in the late teens or early 1920s.
I am enclosing a picture of the Dixie, maybe you can help me find a
mag or the mag points. Robert Silzle, 161 Westgate Cir., Santa
Rosa, CA 95401.

37/7/3: PFAU Compressor See the enclosed photo
of an air compressor. Does anyone have any information on when this
was made? Was it designed for a special use, or just general? What
would it’s maximum working pressure be? It was made by the PFAU
Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis. It has a 3-1/2-inch bore, a
4-inch stroke and a 3-inch wide by 22-inch diameter flywheel. Bill
Dittman, 8112 19th Ave. NW, Bradenton, FL 34209.

37/7/4: Fairbank-Morse Questions I have two
Fairbanks-Morse items I need information on. The first is a water
hopper plate for a 6 HP, serial number 628724 FM. It is similar to
the picture on page 78 of Fairbanks-Morse, 100 Years of Engine
. This plate uses six bolts to install, is
10-3/4-inch wide by 16-5/8-inch long.

The second is a 1-1/2 HP FM, serial number 441069, with a
bolt-on pump jack. Notice the extra gear on the crankshaft belt
pulley side. It looks as if it would bolt to the back bolt in the
main bearing crank. Robert Swanberg, 806 50th Ave., Prole, IA

37/7/5: Two Horse Winch I have a Two Horse
Winch made by Common Sense, Denver, Colo., and it has the following
inscription; Pat. Apr. 8 1884 WHIM. I would be very pleased if
anybody could give me some information about this winch. Norman
Bundschuh, P.O. Box 569, Christina Lake, BC, V0H 1E0 Canada.

37/4/1:Clinton Manuals Q: I’m looking for
some help on my old engines. I’ve been collecting for about 12
years. All my engines are air-cooled, and my favorites are Clinton,
Briggs & Stratton and Maytag. I’m hoping to get my first
hit-and-miss this summer.

I’d like to find a manual for Clinton. I’d prefer one
that covers all models, but would be willing to purchase manuals
for individual models. Can anyone tell me where to find one?
I’m also trying desperately to restore an old Briggs &
Stratton Model AR 6, and I’d like to find a manual and parts
book for this model.

Out of all my engines, this one is my favorite. My nephew paid
$13 for it at an auction and surprised me with it a few years ago.
I’ve been trying to get it restored since then, but I
haven’t been having much luck finds parts for it. Sam Walters
208-1/2 Locust St. Newark, Ohio 43055

A: We’d recommend calling one of the
numerous advertisers in GEM selling parts and literature. These
fellows are all very helpful, and even if they don’t have what
you need they can likely point you in the right direction. In the
meantime, maybe one of our readers can get you started.

C. H. Wendel is a noted authority on antique engines and
tractors. His books constitute a vital reference resource for
collectors and hobbyists. If you have a query for C.H. Wendel, send
it along to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS

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