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38/2/2: Pennington mower.
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38/2/3A: Blomstrom marine engine
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38/2/3B: Blomstrom marine engine.
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38/2/7: Wilson 'Oriole' #2-1/2 grist mill.
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38/2/5A: Kerosene-fired Delco generator, serial number 199362.
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38/2/5B: Delco generator, serial number 199362.

38/2/1: Stickney Governor Trouble

I recently purchased a 7 HP Stickney engine, serial number 7010.
Where the governor spring eyebolt screws through the bottom of the
governor, the piece it screws into is not held solid to the rest of
the governor, thus making adjustment impossible. How is this piece
the eyebolt screws through held in place?

I would appreciate any help from anyone with a Stickney engine
or anyone who knows Stickney governors. Thanks, Quinn Lenk, Box
525, Dupree, SD 57623, (605) 365-5195 (w), (605) 365-5426 (h).

38/2/2: Pennington Mower

I bought this mower at the Wheatland Poppin’ Johnnies swap
meet in Wichita, Kan., last October. It looked like it would be fun
to drive (it is), and it looked like it would mow well (it does).
The gentleman I got it from said I would never see another one like
it, so as soon as I got back to Texas I got on the Internet. I
found no mention of it. I’ve had two other people look at it,
and I’ve come up with nothing.

It’s a Pennington Big Red Model 686C, showing a date of Feb.
1, 1964. It has an Onan engine and no transmission, just a variable
drive forward and reverse. Someone painted it green, and a parts
book shows it should have a tractor-type seat, not a boat seat.

I have a book with operating and service instructions, and it
lists the factory address as 136 Commercial Rd., Addison, Ill. I
would be interested in hearing from anyone who worked for or owned
a Pennington, or ever used one. Don Dillard, Box 101, Mertens, TX
76666, or e-mail:

38/2/3: Blomstrom Marine Engine Q: I have a
Blomstrom engine, the tag reads: The C.H. Blomstrom Marine Gasoline
Engine, Mfg. At Detroit, Mich.

I would like any information available about this engine and
would like to correspond with anyone who has a Blomstrom engine.
John Laing, Box 1493, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada NOA INO.

A: We can find precious little information
about your engine. C.H. Blomstrom was known in the early part of
the 20th century for his automotive products, producing or involved
in the production of a number of different early automobiles.

It is interesting to note that on page 270 of C.H. Wendel’s
American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 there is mention of Lake Shore
Engine Works, Marquette, Mich. In that reference Wendel notes that
Carl H. Blomstrom received two patents covering the Lake Shore
design. It is assumed this is the same person as C.H. Blomstrom,
and the Lake Shore engine pictured looks very similar to yours.

38/2/4: IHC LB

I have a 3/5 HP International Harvester LB, and I would like to
have an original two-wheeled cart for this engine. I have never
seen one at any of the shows, or even a picture, and would
appreciate any help on this. John Widerman, 1021 IS. Carrington,
Buffalo, WY 82834, (307) 684-2924.

38/2/5:Delco Generators

I have two Delco kerosene-fired DC generators known to have been
in place prior to 1930. They’ve been sitting since the 1940s,
when they were taken out of service. They show serial number 186437
and serial number 199362 (shown in the photo). I have no hope of
seeing them run, but do want to clean them up for a historical
display. Can anyone help me with year of manufacture and paint
colors? Are there any good web sites for these units? Robert F.
Grimm, 600 Millers Corners Rd., Amsterdam, NY 12010, or e-mail:

38/2/6: Wisconsin Engines

I’m looking for information on a four-cylinder, in-line
Wisconsin engine, Model AC4, and a single-cylinder Wisconsin
engine, Model AEN. I would like to know where I could find manuals
for these engines. Louis Wilson, Box 74, East Calais, VT 05650,
(802) 456-8768.

38/2/7: Wilson Grist Mill

This photograph shows an Oriole Farm Grist Mill #2-1/2,
manufactured by Wilson Bros., Easton, Pa., in 1885. It is missing
the hopper, and I’d be grateful for any information regarding
the hopper’s size, shape and thickness. I would also like to
know the paint colors and schemes used on these. Bruce Reeder, 2222
Seven Hickories Rd., Dover, DE 19904, (302) 659-5353.

38/2/8: Lauson Lawton

I saw your write-up about the Portland show (see GEM, December
2002), and was interested in the two pictures of 1-1/2 HP Lauson
Lawton Wisconsin engines. I have one with the wrong carburetor on
it, and I would like to find some help from some one with an engine
like mine.

I bought the engine at an auction last summer in Kansas, but
since I bought it over the phone I never got to talk to any one
about the engine. Don Klein, 3002 6th St., Peru, IL 61354, (815)

38/2/9: 4 HP Standard I have recently acquired
a 4 HP, non-marine engine from a fellow club member. It is a
single-flywheel Standard, serial number 5218. The only info I have
is that Standard Gas Engine Co., San Francisco, Calif., made a 4 HP
and 5 HP stationary engine with only one flywheel. The 7 HP and 9
HP engines had two flywheels.

I would very much like to hear from any one who has information
on this engine. Sam Curry, 205 Ross Rd., Sedona, AZ 86336-5547.

C.H. Wendel is a noted authority on antique engines and
tractors. His books constitute a vital reference resource for
collectors and hobbyists. If you have a query for C.H. Wendel, send
it along to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 SW 42nd St.,Topeka, KS

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