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26/8/12 DuPont  Dulux Jim Paquette, 114
High St., Uxbridge, MA 01569 writes: ‘Again rumors abound that
DuPont is planning to discontinue Dulux enamel. Not true! I deal
with a large DuPont distributor. I have bought Dulux as recently as
late April, and he assures me that there is no plan to do away with
Dulux. I then called the regional DuPont office. Their comment was
that there is no immediate plan to do away with Dulux, but
eventually as demand dies off, Dulux will disappear. It will not be
this year, and probably will not be next year. After that, who
knows? Eventually, we will have to adapt to new paints, but it
looks like we are okay for another couple of years.’

26/8/13 Small Model Steam Engines Q. I have
been taking GEM for awhile now, but have never seen anyone
advertise small model steam engines. I am interested in finding
anyone who collects or deals in the old fashioned small steam
engines that used to be used in the pop corn stands that were at
fairs. G. Bright Hanna, 503 North Hendricks Ave., Marion, IN

26/8/14 IHC Mogul Q. See the photos of a 1911
IHC Mogul on Type C trucks. See page 120 of 150 Years of
International Harvester. This tractor has been sitting in the same
location since 1930. Note the conversion kit added to this tractor.
So far I have never seen or heard of anything like it. During its
years of rest, some honeybees made a home in the cylinder, placing
a nice coating of wax on the cylinder walls. Now it turns over
nicely . Any help or information on this tractor will be greatly
appreciated. Joe McLelland, 8 Clement Pl, Macgregor, ACT 2615,

A. We can’t supply any additional
information at this time, but perhaps some of our readers might be
of help. It is interesting to note that one of these tractors made
it so far from the IHC factories, and has somehow or other escaped
the junkman’s hammer!

26/8/15 Gray Motor Co.? Q. See the two photos
of an unidentified engine, throttle governed, and using a Schebler
carburetor. It has a 5? x 6? inch bore and stroke. The closest
match we have found is a Gray 4 HP engine. Any information as to
the size and identity of this engine will be most appreciated.
Harold Kinzie, RR 33, Blair Road, Cambridge, ONT N3H 4R8

A. We can’t tell you anything about this
one, but perhaps someone else has another like it.

26/8/16 Case 425 Tractor Q. I have a Case 425
tractor with an Ottawa loader-backhoe. The tractor appears to be a
Case 400 Industrial model. How many of these tractors were made?
Does anyone out there have one of these outfits, or can supply
information on same? Greg Weitekamp, RR 2, Raymond, 1L 62560.

A. We would guess this unit to have been built
between 1958 and 1960, but lacking the serial number we can’t
pin it down any closer than that.

26/8/17 Information Needed Q. Can you tell me
when the following engines were built.?-Briggs & Stratton,
Model 5S, Type 700302, s/n 1684068; Wisconsin, Model AEN, 3 x 3?,
s/n 2667364. Ken Fall, 04917 Boyne City Rd., Boyne City,

A. The B & S was probably built between
1930 and 1933. The Wisconsin was built in 1956.

26/8/18 Worthington Q. I have recently
completed a Worthington 2? HP, s/n 44071. Can you advise year
built, and original paint? Any help will be appreciated. Ed Landry,
1428 Hermosa Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70815.

A. We believe it is a unique olive green color,
but haven’t heard of an exact color match. Perhaps some of the
Worthington collectors will oblige.

26/8/19 Dunn Oil Engine Q. I have a 7 HP Dunn
Oil Engine. It is of sideshaft design with the governor weights on
the sideshaft, and the injector unit on top of the cylinder. It was
built by W. E. Dunn Mfg. Co. of Holland, Michigan under the R. M.
Hvid patents. There is no water hopper, so I would like to know the
scheme of the cooling system used, also the original color scheme.
Any information will be appreciated. Robert Beekman, RR1, Box 77,
Pocahontas, IA 50574.

A. We’ve never seen a Dunn engine, so we
can’t tell you much. Chances are that it was cooled with
running water originally, so almost any sort of thermosyphon system
with a tank will do the job.

26/6/20 Aristox Engine Q. See the two photos of
an unusual marine engine. It was built by the Lake Shore Engine
Works, Marquette, Michigan. It was designed by C. H. Blomstrom, and
was intended to drive two propellers with a single engine. Can
anyone supply further information on the Aristox engines? Also,
does anyone have or know the whereabouts of any of the gasoline or
oil engine compressor units used in the Fog Signals by the U. S.
Light House Service? Robert M. Harris, 1812 Wiltshire, Berkley, Ml

26/6/21 Fordson Crawler Conversions If you have
information for the Fordson crawler conversion registry, Trackson,
Belle City, Hadfield-Pen-field, etc., send your name, address, and
pertinent information to: Ed Bezanson, 85 Dayton Road, Waterford.CT
06385. A full list will be printed and sent to all listed on

Readers Write

Dick Hamp, 1772 Conrad Ave., San Jose, CA 95124 sends
information on:

26/6/19 Rawleigh-Schryer I have a 1? HP
Rawleigh engine and it is very similar to Mr. Dewey’s Leader
engine. In fact, the name tag on my Rawleigh is the same oval shape
and on the side of the water hopper just like Mr. Dewey’s

I also have a Dempster Windmill catalog; it shows Dempster
engines that were built by Rawleigh-Schryer. This proves that the
R-S Company built engines for other companies, and let these
companies put their own label on them. I also have a 1? HP Leader
engine, and it looks nothing like Mr. Dewey’s Leader, but
I’ve no idea who built it.

A Closing Word

Help Needed! Ye olde Reflector just acquired a Kohler Power
Plant. Model 10R61, No. 117118, 8 KW, 10 KVa, 115-230 AC, 1 phase,
1200 r.p.m., 32 battery volts. It uses a Waukesha FC 140 G engine.
Several phone calls to Kohler and elsewhere have yielded nothing.
We are looking for service in formation on this unit, and
especially need a wiring schematic for the generator. Your help
will be appreciated. C.H. Wendel, R.R. 1, Atkins, IA 52206.

That’s all folks. See you next month!


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