Pulling and Pushing

By Staff

Rt. 1 Box 37 Madison, Alabama 35758

The Southland Flywheeler’s Club held their fifth annual
Spring Crank Up and Swap Meet April 13 and 14,1991.

Here it was, the week of our show and swap meet, with rain every
day and rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday. You don’t know
what to expect and how to plan. But come Thursday the phone started
ringing and things were beginning to look up. If only the
weatherman would miss the forecast.

You gentlemen with engines, tractors and related parts keep
amazing me with your involvement and participation in this great
hobby of antique farm machinery. The equipment starts coming in and
I’m not talking just small engines but 15 HP engines. That is
what I call dedication to pull this big equipment not knowing
whether you will get to show it or not. We tried to get them on
firm ground just in case it rained. The show must go on, and it

Trading was steady, with lots of parts exhibitors showing their
engines and tractors. One member had been looking in other states
for some side panels for a 77 Oliver, and lo and behold he found
them here. You never know what might show up.

Mr. Jerry Pepper had an exhibit that he bought at an estate sale
in Huntsville, Alabama that had been in storage for no telling how
many years. This was a mule drawn 1909 U.S. Army World War One
ambulance in mint condition. This wagon was made by Studebaker in
South Bend, Indiana.

Rain came about one-thirty and the showground was like grease.
Vehicles could not get any traction to get the equipment out of the
showground area. This is where the pulling and pushing began. The
last trailer was pulled out Sunday afternoon.

The Southland Flywheeler’s Club would like to thank everyone
for their efforts and dedication in making the Show and Swap Meet a

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