Norman Brockelsby

By Staff
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Norman Brockelsby with his scale model trip hammer.
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Two cylinder plant style engine in model form, again by Norman Brockelsby. For further information, kindly contact Mr. Brockelsby directly.
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Aermotor pump engine model made by Dell Grupe actually pumps water!
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Raymond Gross' crawler tractors each weigh about 6 pounds.
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The small tank is redwood.
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'Norman' engine complete along with another set of castings in the foreground. Design is such that a number of different engine styles can be built using the same castings. Modern technology is employed wherever possible and where it does not de
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The drip oiler is a copy of a Lunkenheimer oiler which he built a 1/3 scale to give a proportional fit.
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Brockelsby's creation, a scale model of the Sandwich spring sheller. In foreground are two ordinary ears of com, and in the basket are some ears of miniature corn. The sheller works and will probably be available in kit form before long.
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