My Winter Project Finished Early

By Staff
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3012 S. Catherine, Lansing, Michigan 48911

I bought a small Brunner air compressor at a spring swap meet.
It had an open crank, a brass rod and 11
13/16‘ bore, 2’ stroke. 

I made it into a sideshaft with a vertical  flyball
governor. I made the base first out of
 1/8‘ steel plate. Then I made the
crankshaft longer and new main bearing from brass. I bought the
flywheels a year before at the Mason, Michigan Show. They are
10’. I used a piece of 3/8‘ stainless
with Volkswagen distributor gears for the sideshaft. I made the
governor from scrap brass and steel and used lawn mower gears. The
gas tank is a piece of brass pipe with a Briggs check valve. The
valves are from an old junk Briggs. The muffler is an old horse
hames knob. The carburetor I made from an old brass gascock. It may
have come from Germany. It has a swastika cast on one side. The
rest is made from scrap brass and steel.

I was going to build it during the winter of  ’91 and
’92. I started the second week of September and I got so
interested that I finished it seven weeks later.

It starts and runs real nice. It looks like I will have to start
another one for my winter project!

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