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Courtesy of C. M. Knudson, Box 26, Gully, Minnesota 56646
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Courtesy of Howard Yoder, 5078 Sportscraft Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45414
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Courtesy of Ruben Michelson, Anamoose, North Dakota 58710

I get a lot of good from the GEM and must say the page ‘What
Is It?’ is a lot of help to so many of us. Again, I would like
to run another picture on this page and I’m sure I will get
help as I did in Jan.-Feb. issue, on the Mystery Engine.

This is my M-Steiner gasoline, engine built in Dayton, Ohio.
There is no serial number or no Hp. listed on the name plate. It
has 4?’ bore and 4?’ stroke, 20′ flywheels, hit and
miss. Has a spark plug. Fan and carburetor are needed as they are
missing. If you have any information on this kind of engine, please
let me know.

Pictured here is an engine of about 1? H.P., 3-55/8 in. bore and
5 in. stroke – throttled governor, battery and coil ignition. It
looks like it was a very simple built engine, not using too many
parts. The gas tank shown is just an added tank to complete the.
picture, but it must have been something in this order, being that
the feed pipe extends into the corner of this tank. There is no
trace of it ever having had a name plate, but on the opposite side
of the water tank is a trace of a decal.

Published on Sep 1, 1967

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