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By John Miller

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Courtesy of Western Canadian Pioneer Museum, S. G. Reynolds, Curator, Box 728, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
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Courtesy of Ruben Michelson, Anamoose, North Dakota 58710.
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Courtesy of W. F. Merrow, 910 W. 1st. Street, Dixon, Illinois.
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Courtesy of W. F. Merrow, 910 W. 1st. Street, Dixon, Illinois.

507 Oak St. La Porte City, Iowa 50651

It’s an open crank gas engine, it looks like about 1? H.P.,
3 and three fourths inch bore, 5 inch stroke, a Wico Magneto make
and brake ignition or what we call here ‘hit and miss’, the
lever between the flywheels can be moved up or down for variation
in speed, the gas tank extends J4 inch outward on the upper edge to
rest in the grooves of the runners. There are no bolts or brackets.
It also has a home-made rocker arm and was minus the drip oiler. It
was rusted in plenty, but now I have it all apart, and starting
with a set of rings I will get it together again someday.

I would like some information on the following description of a
gas engine.

I don’t have a photo of it just a description described to
me from a friend of the gas engines.

This engine was used in a print shop back in 1908. It was a
small engine with a drip oiler for the piston. It had a oil pan
under the crank with a dip cup to oil the crank pin and schroud to
keep oil from splashing all over , and it had a rod through the
head for the piston to strike to set off the spark. It was a water

This was an old engine and this is all I know about it. Can you
tell me what kind it was?

Any answer will be very welcome. I will have some photos of my
collection of Gas Engines in the near future for your and our

Circa 1909 Goold Shapley Muir gas tractor with 2 cylinder
opposed engine, open crankcase, 2 carburetors and 2 hoppers (one on
each cylinder). This tractor was made in Brantford, Ontario, and is
about 10-20 H.P. It is on display at the Western Canadian Pioneer

3 H. P. Falk Kerosene Burner, Side Shaft, Tank Cooled 1907 owned
by W. F. Merrow, Dixon, Illinois.

2 H. P. Root & Vanervoort – 1904 Mfg. for John Deere Plow
Co. restored and owned by W. F. Merrow, 910 W. 1st. Street, Dixon,

Published on Sep 1, 1966

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