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Courtesy of Fred Rigsby, R. R. 1, Arcadia, Indiana 46030. 1927 Farmall tractor.
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Courtesy of N. A. Kruse, Box 14, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068.

Would like to know of someone who has an engine like this. I
need to make some parts for it as a crankcase cover, governor
weight and governor detent lever. Flywheels are 10′ dia. bore
is about 3′ and stroke 3?’.

I have seen only one other engine like this and it was also
missing some parts.

You might say I am one of your younger readers as I am 22 and
have about 12 engines of my own.

I do not know the make of this engine, can anyone help identify
it? Changed from igniter to spark plug.

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