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Courtesy of Russell Bellman, 260 Case Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190.
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Courtesy of George L. Jacobs, 708 North 'F' Street, Wolf Point, Montana 59201.
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Courtesy of Ray Hartge, 9208 Meadowbrook Lane, St. Louis, Missouri 63114.

A two cylinder gas engine that I have, approximately 5 hp. It
runs from battery and timer ignition with two coils. Does anyone
know what make engine this is?

A 5 hp. Witte Kerosene Gasoline Engine, No. B-20463 with
throttling Wicomagneto Type EK governor. Glen Mung, on left, Box
504, Wolf Point, and I restored this last January. The engine was
secured from Berton K. Blazek, a noted engine salvager from the
Libby Dam area in Northwestern Montana.

(George would like to know also if anyone knows how old this
engine is and at what speed does it have to run to put out its
rated horsepower.)

Pictured is a Bauer engine, No. 1513, made by Bauer Machine
Works Company, Kansas City, Missouri. It has two exhaust ports, top
and bottom of piston stroke. I am wondering what is the purpose of
two exhaust ports. The Saint Marys will run with a ‘T’
carburetor. The Bauer looks like it should run, but I haven’t
had a chance to try as yet.

This engine is a Saint Marys, no name plate, but
the serial number on crankshaft is 2741. Under the grease and oil
is the lettering ‘Saint Marys’ — no address. It is
gasoline fueled and battery ignition. I would like to know if
anyone knows if this engine was built in St. Charles, Missouri, or
Saint Marys, Ohio.

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