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5040 Boston Harbor Rd. N.E. Olympia, Washington 98506-1850

On June 19, 20, 21 the Antique Farm Engine and Tractor
Association members, along with the Rainier Two Cylinder John Deere
Club members, helped make the Meeker Days Weekend Festival a big
success and draw in large crowds. This was our second year to
participate in the event.

The Meeker Day event organizers found a place for us to camp and
park our trucks close to the area where we were showing our
displays. It was about a half block away in the parking lot of a
strawberry cannery, the aroma of the strawberries was very
enticing. Friday thru Sunday the cannery offered free samples of
the strawberries, and they also sold the berries at the

The first to arrive Friday was Paul Pearman with his Sattley
engine. Next David Wester came roaring down the street with his
1950 Kenworth hauling Sid Shoemaker’s 1930 model #60

Wayne and Mary Ann Nettekoven were next to arrive with a trailer
load. They had a 1913 1? HP Domestic side shaft, 1929 Maytag
Washing machine, Model 27 Maytag Twin. Hugh Davis set up next to us
with a 9 HP and 1? HP. Economy and 1? Fairbanks Morse. A couple of
hours later the road was filled with Ralph Gulan’s 1948 John
Deere Model AN tractor, 1948 ACG, and 1946 Gibson.

Don Fifer with his helpers Tom & John Fifer and Hecter
Villanueva maneuvered his 5th wheel trailer in line loaded with
engines mounted on it. He had F.M.Z, Fuller Johnson, Economy and
Fairmonts along with a large can crusher he made.

Dennis King had three Fairbanks Morse engines; one had a large
fan attached and did it ever feel good standing in front with the
wind blowing at you, for it was a hot weekend.

John Corbin brought again this year his 1950 John Deere R. Every
time he started the tractor up the people came running to see what
was making all the noise. John also drove in his restored 1940
International pickup. He had a 3 HP, Fairbanks in the pickup bed,
and believe it or not John sold a Fordson tractor for the
Fairbanks. I thought it was going to be a static display but he
surprised everyone and borrowed some gasoline from Hugh Davis.
Guess what? The Fairbanks actually runs.

Ann Lambert with her two sons Bill and Brian Ide had a trailer
full. They brought in a 1926 6 HP Economy, 1913 1? HP Economy and a
1921 1? HP Hercules.

Bob Keeley had his 1951 John Deere B. George Tiebore a 1952
Co-op tractor, Bill Loken a 1939 John Deere B. All weekend Bill
took pictures of the children sitting on his tractor–that was very
nice of Bill. Mark Loken brought a 1952 John Deere M, Bob Collins a
1957 John Deere 730. Billy Walker had three Vaughn Flextred
tractors, one you ride on and the others you walk behind. They were
dated 1928-1939.

Frank Hutson had his 1939 H John Deere tractor, a very nice one.
Ray Vanlandingham brought his 1957 John Deere 520. Len Howe brought
a Super D Country Squire by Economy Tractor Co. It had a Wisconsin
6 HP engine in it. The tractor was manufactured by Country Squire
Tractor Co. Muskego, Wisconsin, which later became the Economy
Power King Tractor Co. They sold new for $549.00, or $611.65 with
drawbar attachments.

Ron Duris, who lives and farms in the Puyallup Valley; joined
our club so he could bring his working tractor to show it off. It
was a 1964 International Harvester with a seeder attached. He also
brought a 1920 Model T pickup.

The gathering place for everyone to eat and visit was on 2nd and
West Main, ‘The Rose Restaurant.’ It was at the end of the
street where we had our displays. The owner, Brigitte Plack, was a
friendly lady, and the food they served was like home cooking, the
seats were always full. Saturday you could order all you can eat
spaghetti and Sunday they cooked barbecue ribs outside.

We even had scale models for the viewers that liked smaller
items. Mike Moyer had a 2 HP Economy and pump,
1/6 scale F.M. model, also ? scale New
Holland model. Mike does beautiful work on these scale models.

Very interesting to see was the two Farmall twins, a 1941 A
& B Mark Bradley had put together. They were put together side
by side, a nice job was done to them, very unusual. Kemer Nelson
had his Model B John Deere tractor.

The town was filled with noise when the tractors and engines
started up to show the public. Wayne Nettekoven had his Maytag
washing machine laundering his grease rags; a lot of people had
never seen a wringer washing machine before. They would say,
‘My Grandmother had one like that.’ At the end of three
days laundering the grease rags, Wayne had the cleanest ones in

Everywhere you went downtown there was entertainment, food if
you were hungry, craft vendors, and things for the children to do.
The farmers market was open to buy vegetables, fruits, plants, etc.
Such an exciting weekend. I’m looking forward to attending the
event in 1999.

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